Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This newsbreak brought to you by Corona...

The past 48 hours have included:

-a pretty miserable weekend which had me beside myself with an earache that got so bad it made my jaw cease up (turns out i had a brutal case of swimmers ear....sexy!) why did it make me a little proud when the good doctor at the walk-in clinic told me it was one of the worst cases she has ever seen? at least your good at something karen!

-deciding to give my pregnant girlfriend a few minutes peace, i took my two girls and her two girls for a walk in the forest. turns out i stepped on a wasp nest. with flip flops on. got bit. turns out a couple of them made themselves at home in edie's shorts. she got bit several times. after i stripped edie of her clothes and ran to the friends house, the little girl i was watching kindly picked up the clothes i had stripped edie of. turns out a couple of the wasps were still in the shorts and they bit her, in the armpit and up her nose. yowza. can you say mother of the year?

-consumed some dairy queen, even though my nutritionist told me on a scale of 0 to 100 i am at 100 for a dairy sensitivity. makes sense that i would go to a restaurant where dairy is the first word, right? my stomach sounds like beethoven's fifth right now.

all that aside, i'm pretty stoked that L.A. Ink is premiering tonight. it is tonight, right? oh, i'll be so freaking sad if it's not tonight.


phisherman said...

By the way it is me Jannet McFarlane
I feel so bad for you. I hope L.A. Ink was on for you.
I am sad to hear this news. I hope you have a better week.

alison said...

Did you go and piss off the Universe again? Yipes, what a crappy week. Hope it gets better. Re your comment on my blog, I work at Booth and Carling in the NRCan campus. I'd like to get together. I'm away til the 20th on vacation though. In an attack of insanity, I decided to drive the girls to Nova Scotia. Two days in the car each way. Pray for me.