Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Evil, evil little weed
For the past three years I have run three very unsuccessful experiments. About ten years ago, I was diagnosed with severe ragweed allergies. Allergies so intense that it even excited my ancient allergist who has seen it all. He ordered me to take these needles, weekly, for the months of July and August. And combat it, it did. I suffered no more.
Now, I am a person who thinks of allergies as a weakness, something people make up. I mean really, how bad can it be? Three years ago I scoffed at the needle treatments, asking myself, was the suffering really all that bad? And yes, it was. Yet, like childbirth, I put myself through it again last year, forgetting the sheer agony of allergies. Again, this year, I never called my allergist back when he sent me my reminder, basically calling me an idiot for suffering through another year. Early August of this year, I was high and mighty with nary a sneeze or sniffle, and then Sunday, they hit. With a vengeance only Mother Nature could summon, I swear, every little ragweed pollen has found its way to my house, and follows me to work everyday, and home again. My sneezes scare away the racoons, by bleary red eyes scare small children, and my post nasal drip disgusts all those around me. I apologize. Next year, I will have track marks up and down my arms, I will inject as much medication as I possibly can, just so I don't have to suffer through this hell again.
(Ten bucks says I don't get around to doing it again next year!)

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alison said...

If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you come over some night and sneeze in my back yard? I did the thing where I forgot to not put caesar salas leftovers in the compost bin *again*, and the raccoons have been partying out back.

Sorry you're being so affected. I'm a bit sniffly myself.