Thursday, July 12, 2007

Staying loco, I mean local

Jo just started a new job (private sector – he just isn’t a government kind of guy) so we won’t be taking any holidays this year. This is quite fine by me, I sort of like chilling around the house. However, I am faced with 3 weeks off, just me and the girls. For some reason, Grace and Edie don’t see the beauty in drinking coolers, reading trashy magazines and lounging by the pool all day. These kids are going to want some action. So, if anyone has any suggestions as to how I can entertain these guys, send me your suggestions. We love a good adventure, keeping in mind that one little adventurer still needs a nap in the afternoon.


Chantal said...

I am so insanely jealous of the napping adventurer!

We have 100 acres of summertime fun here. You're more than welcome to come on over. My oldest kids can watch Grace and Edie as we sip coolers and read trashy magazines.

alison said...

Hmmmm, Carp is hopping on Saturday mornings. We have the Farmers' Market with lots to do and see and a really amazing food court where I am always paralyzed by having to make the decision between bacon on a bun and yummy Thai from Mali's stall. After that, there's a decent playground and a newly opened splashpad to run off some energy at. Ummm, and I could act as tour guide, we live just up the street and we'd love to meet you!

Other day trips we like: Cedar Hill Berry Farm in Pakenham with a stop at Scoops ice cream stand for HUUUGE cones on the way back. I think strawberries might be done, but raspberries and blueberries are coming up.

The Hershey Factory in Smiths Falls -- it's closing soon :-( so you should check it out while you still can. If you go on a weekday you can see the machinery in operation. Bring money, because the chocolate is cheap at the store.

Storyland near Arnprior (or is it Renfrew?). We haven't gone yet, but it's the last season it will be open, so we're going.

Saunders Farm - it has mazes and a splash pad and some cool play areas including the girls' favourite, a platform you climb up and then jump down into a pile of hay. It's best known for its haunted hay rides round Halloween, but we usually go in the summer.

Of course, drinking coolers with Chantal *does* sound like the best option of the lot IMHO.