Saturday, July 21, 2007


Edie is toilet training right now. She's actually doing fairly well, with a few accidents here and there (usually all over her and Grace's Polly Pockets for some reason). Anyhooo, early this morning (1 a.m.) there was a cry, it was Grace with a nightmare. Before going in to console her, I decided to empty my bladder in the girl's washroom. It was dark. I felt something squishy between my toes. I reached down with my fingers to further investigate (I was half asleep!) I brought my fingers up to my face to try and make out the squishy substance. Yup, you guessed it. Edie left a little Hershey kiss for me to find in the middle of the night. I had poo toe, poo fingers, a crying five year old, and husband who didn't wake up for any of it. Thank God there were clorox wipes nearby - I think I took exfoliation to a whole new level!
Even more worrisome is that when I related this take to a group of friends today, everyone had similar stories.


alison said...

Ewwwww. Been there, done that -- at least the poo toe, but not the poo finger. Why does this kind of thing always happen in the middle of the night?

Anonymous said...

lucky me - i got away without that - although the projectile vomit down the hallway - or on my head/hair happened more times than i can count on your poo fingers