Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sitting around eating bonbons

Ummmm, why do I go to work everyday?

Okay, this is the first day of the 3 weeks of holidays. Guess what I'm doing...pulling my hair out because the kids are driving me crazy? Nope. Racking my brain for a fun craft to do? Nope. Baking cookies? Nope. Give up? I'm surfing facebook and blogging, because Grace is at friends house and Edie is napping.

This. is. the. bomb. Ser.

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alison said...

Sounds heavenly to me. I should be working right now rather than reading blogs, but my brain needs a (short) break. I dare not go on Facebook, or I'll be on there all day.

Really, do get in touch via the blog or on the Great Time Sink (aka FB) -- search Alison Klingbyle and maybe you could visit Carp. At the very least, I'll let you park in my driveway for Carp Fair ;-)