Tuesday, July 31, 2007

oh, hi there God, I'm really sorry for that not so humble post the other day about how great my life is with my hunky husband, two cute girls and a kick ass pool. i totally understand why you had to take me down a notch or two by doing the following:

-given me a fever of 100 degrees with a brutal case of nausea (please, i hope you didn't plant any sperm in my eggies!)
-given my two girls stomach issues, which makes them almost as cranky as i
-made my two year old pull down my shirt at karate today to expose everyone to what i like to call my beige, "not lookin' for any" bra
-when treating the girls to some dairy queen tonight, on a busy patio, made my toilet-trianed oops no she isn't! two year pee in front of everyone. seriously, what is the appropriate way to deal with that? i'm hoping that throwing the remains of my lemon infused perrier water on it and running away was.

yup, lesson learned. i am humbled. please, just let up on me!


alison said...

It sucks when the Universe is out to get you. I hope you've repaid your karmic debt and that things will look up from here on out. They'd kind of have to, wouldn't they?

Chantal said...

When I saw your Facebook status the other day, I immedidately thought about sperm and eggies!