Friday, May 04, 2007


I work outside of the home. I really like to work, I find it incredibly rewarding, most of the time. I work a four day week, and save Fridays to hang out with the girls. This seems to work for everyone. At then end of the year for both of my maternity leaves I was antsy, bored, a little cranky and I knew that even though our little family could survive on Jo's income, I could not survive being a stay-at-home Mom. I know people have strong opinions on this issue. My opinion is that you do what works for you and your loved ones.

Last week my colleague and I organized art work shops at Grace's school for Education Week. We did Grace's class (JK) and a grade 2 class. It was great, the kids loved, I loved it, and we will be displaying their hard work next week at an art exhibit. Yay us!

Here comes the rant.

One of the volunteer parents asked me if I worked outside of the home. I told her I did. She then said "It must be so hard for you to relate to chidren". Huh? I told her not really, I have two of my own. She then said "Oh, but still, it's different". O-kay. I went on my merry way to work with the kids. I then noticed this same woman with a little girl who was crying. She was crying because she didn't like how her art work was turning out. Turns out this little girl is the snarley woman's daughter. The picture was fine; I pointed out all the lovely things about and tried to cheer her up. The woman then seethed/snarled at me (in front of her daugher) that this was bound to happen - a child in tears because it wasn't an appropriate work shop to run for the children of this age. I'm pretty sure she then went to the bathroom, pooped, and it came out smelling like roses.

Y'know what, only one kid ended up in tears, all the other kids seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves.

Women like her once had the power to make me feel guilty for my decision to work outside of the home, but no more - I just wish women could chill on each other a little bit instead of being such bitches to each other. It doesn't get us anywhere.


Chantal said...

She's just a bitch. In general. She probably needs to chill on EVERYONE.

Anonymous said...

Rock on! That woman was just a betch.
I got yer back.
Your colleague.