Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm sure I'll get over the novelty of it soon, but all my free computer time seems to be devoted to the crackbook. I have so many friends (not really); I'm making so many dates for things that will never happen ("we have to get together to catch up, really!"; and I know what lots of people are doing at all hours of the day. Very important information people!
So, for the LEGIONS of people who read this blog, I apologize. Hopefully, I'll return to my witty, insightful postings soon.

Oh, this is cool, my brother's store in Toronto was mentioned in this very popular design blog - check it out

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alison said...

And that's why although I created a profile, I haven't done anything else with Facebook. I'm scared to be sucked into another time sink.

Maybe on the weekend I'll give it another shot. Dani left a comment on my blog a couple weeks ago saying that there was a group for Ottawa area blogging chix, but no combo of Ottawa, blogging or chix in the search box found it for me. I'm an easily frustrated Facebook newbie.