Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Since I churned out two kids, I have been pretty lucky with my weight – I lost the weight quickly both times without too much effort and without much attention to my diet. I do run, and I do try to eat healthy, but I also sit on the couch and watch “America’s Next Top Model” and eat potato chips.
I’ve noticed lately that my jeans have felt a little tighter and a few little bumps here and there that I never had before. I hopped on the scale and sure enough, I have gained about ten pounds. I’m a little surprised because nothing has changed that drastically in my life style.
I was recently talking to a good friend of mine (who has three kids, the youngest being almost 4) about my weight gain and she gave me a knowing smile and said : “It’s getting easier, isn’t it?” She explained to me that she too started gaining weight after her littlest turned two and didn’t “need” her as much. This is so true. I used to carry Edie everywhere, all the time. It seems like I always had her in my arms, which was equal to lugging around a 30 pound weight all day long. And now, she doesn’t need me as much. She is an independent little girl who comes in for the occasional hug, but she certainly doesn’t want to be carried. I almost teared up yesterday on our walk when she was figuring out how to pedal her bike on her own. Soon she won’t even need me to push her on her trike.
Mother Nature’s a bitch - it seems like when she was needy, I yearned for her to be more independent.; now that she is cutting the cord a bit, I just want to shove her back in her BabyBjorn to keep her nice and safe (and burn a few calories to boot!)


Anonymous said...

You are kidding, right? You do NOT need to worry about your weight, Mrs. Mean Old Mommy! You are part of the "Yummy Mummy" club, aren't you? You rock. And don't forget it.

- Your friendly neighbourhood curator.

Anonymous said...


Did you give birth to sticks of butter? Parkay!!