Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pomp and Circumstance
How could I have forgotten to announce to the world that we attended Ms. Grace's Nursery School graduation last Friday. Special dress, cap, podium and all. Just for overkill, they included a valedictorian (who didn't have much to say - I guess it's hard to come up with an inspirational speech at 4 years old - Carpe Diem!).
I mocked Jonas who with great pride and dedication video recorded the whole ceremony...including the other class. I mock Jonas all the time for his video abilities - he tends to have a heavy finger on the record button, and we end up watching very lengthy snippets of Grace and Edie - what starts out being cute just ends up being annoying. However, I have to say, once the other, less diligent parents got wind of Jo's lengthy recording, everyone wants a copy so they can revel in their child's academic greatness.
And so, with Nursery School over, I now need to mentally prepare myself for the fact that our baby is headed off to school in the fall. It is a little depressing as that day in September will literally be the beginning of the never ending toil of academia and then the work force until she is 65. There's a nice heavy thought for the day.
Edie attended the ceremony as well, but had to be removed as she kept trying to disrupt the camera-man (perhaps in a bid to shine the camera on herself?)
This may be my last post for awhile - we are off to the cottage for Canada Day for our annual Absolut Bash - vodka, 2 babies, 3 preschoolers and Bishop's alumni.....I should have enough material for this blog for a whole year after this weekend.

Website of the day: (scroll down and read the questions asked on the Canadian tourism site)

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