Monday, June 12, 2006

"But WHY can't I go swimming in green water???"

I am actually glad it was a lousy weekend...turns out our pool has a leak in it and needs some major repair work (you suck previous houseowners!) and we won't be able to use it until we get it fixed. I know, I know, cry me a river, worst things in life could happen. But here's the thing, I have wanted a pool for so long, I see it as a great way for our family to hang out and have fun, and as an opportunity to treat our house as a destination point for friends and family who just want to hang out and cool off. This was a major reason why I wanted this house. I just feel so let down that we are having this problem. Grace doesn't really get it - the pool is there, but she can't use it. If I find it frustrating, imagine how a 4-year old feels. Anyhow, it will get fixed, and up to this point Jo and I have been giving the previous homeowners the benefit of the doubt (the 40 bags of garbage we had to haul out of the house, the "missing" central vac accessories, the horrible state of the backyard) - we made excuses for them thinking they may have been too busy because of their jobs. But you know what? When you outright lie and say something is in working order when it isn't, you are are the lowest of the low in my eyes. You just suck. It's scary that people like this have kids are teaching them that this kind of thing is acceptable.
That is my Monday morning vent.
We had our new neighbours over for dinner on Saturday night, which was great. They have a 4 year old and 2 year old, so they didn't even blink when Edie cried on and off the whole time and threw her dinner on the floor; nor did they flinch when Grace spilled her full glass of water all over the table and on our guest's chair cushion. They didn't seem to judge me when by the end of evening I had, courtesy of Edie, smushed banana in my hair and on my nice black shirt. These are good people. And they have a pool that works.
We accomplished a fair amount of work in our garden on Sunday - luckily Edie has developped a weird obsession with her little stand-up sandbox, which keeps her occupied for about a good hour. Grace is happy as long as you play with her in two minute intervals (I get to weed for two minutes, then we play "spider and fly" for two minutes - a game in which Grace is the spider, a big stick is her web, and she chases you around the garden until you get caught in her web....) I felt justified in skipping my workout last night!
Apparently the "comments" section isn't working 100%, I have received some positive feed back though and will continue posting. Thanks for leaving comments though!
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