Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Itsy bitsy spider indeed.
Missed Grace's soccer game last night due to a visit to the walk-in clinic with Edie. She has a bite on her foot that swelled (swoll?) over the course of the day yesterday, and of course Edie, being the sensitive soul that she is, spiked a fever of 104 (I swear, the kid spikes a fever when she stubs her toe). Well, with visions of gangrene and foot amputations, I took my "ill" baby to the clinic. Why is it kids are always all smiles, laughs, giggles and able to run around when they are in the waiting room at the clinic? I felt like I had to justify our place in line by pointing out her swollen little foot. I don't go to these clinics for kicks!
The doctor who saw Edie was a hoot. He specializes in travel medicine and he was super excited to see us because a) Edie's middle name is Belize ("oh! you travel!" he exclaimed, to which I snorted, because a roadtrip to Toronto is most travelling we have done in a while!) and b) she had a most exciting, unusual growth on her foot caused by a spider bite....he said this was the most exciting thing he'd seen all day! He even encouraged me call him at home this morning if I had any more concerns. He was so great with Edie too - confident, jolly and patient. Edie was most excited when he drew a circle around the bite and gave him a big "oooohhhhh!". Sometimes you never know who you are going to get at these clinics and I'm super happy that we got to see Dr. Paul Assaad.
So, Edie was up only once during the night (thank you Edie!) for her shot of Advil, and not to be outdone by her little sister, Grace also got up with a bad dream. Grace knows I don't have much patience for bad dreams, but she likes to holler out for me, get me out of bed, inform me of the situation, and then request her father's presence (who is much more soft-hearted than I and will go lie down with her for as long as needed).
Stay tuned for developments in spider-bite saga....
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