Monday, June 19, 2006

My favourite things about summer
While other people complain about the heat, I revel in walking out the door and being hit with a wall of heat. I love it when it is so hot out that it is almost hard to take a breath. I love how our kids skin looks all dewey because they are hot. I love how Edie gets ridiculous corkscrew curls at the back of head with the humidity (she will hate that when she is older). I love the golf-tan Jo gets (even though he hasn't been golfing much this summer?). I love eating Mr. Freezies with Grace, and enjoying it just as much as she. I love watching Edie trying to eat a Mr. Freezie. I love watching the girls having a grand-old time in their grandparents pool (didn't love Edie crying all through dinner because she wanted to go back in the pool!) I love grabbing some take-out and heading to Mooney's Bay with a blanket for a family pic-nic (don't love having to ask the lifeguard what the bacteria levels are for the water though....especially after Edie face-planted in the water!) I love turning on the airconditioning at night for a comfy sleep. I love watching the mosquitoes fly into the "Mosquito Magnet" to meet their maker. I love picking up the girls from daycare and finding them playing in the sprinkler, getting kicks out of filling up buckets over and over again. I love the taste of beer in the summer. I love hooking up with my childless girlfriend in the Market and sitting on a patio with her, talking about non-kid stuff.
This weekend was the first weekend that *really* felt like summer...maybe because the sun actually decided to make an appearance. I also bought a new pair of shoes.
It rocked.
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