Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let's just say I was growing ever so frustrated tonight when I couldn't figure out how to log into After many attempts, I realized I was trying to log into something called, whooops, it's been awhile.

I WISH I had tons of things to report, but I don't. I bought a Mac, and I like it but I hate auto-correct, mostly because it makes me realize that I have a humungo vocabulary of strictly made up words (like humungo, I had to correct the auto-correct, humungo is a word dammit, oh god, my poor children).

Are you all DYING to know what I have been up to? Well, I am one very domesticated individual. That sentence makes me sound like I was feral at one point and a move to Oakville has tamed me. Well, I wasn't exactly feral before, but some days I feel like one of those long haired white cats that people put bows in their bangs, whereas in Ottawa I NEVER felt like that - if anything I felt like that cat with a chewed ear and leaky eye (sniff, I miss my drinking buddies!).

I kid, I kid. I am meeting some wonderbar (gah, again, auto-correct! Wonderbar is a perfectly decent descriptive word!) people. I've got my wine drinking buddy, coffee buddies, movie buddies and I've targeted a few other wine drinking buddies for future binges (I'm looking at you Dana and Julie). The one demographic I haven't penetrated yet (heh heh, penetrated) are the Gays. I miss you. Is there gay-ban in Oakville? Must research. I've tried googling gays in Oakville but let's just say the search results are not intended for a 39 year old minivan driving mother of two.

I've ventured into Toronto on a few occasions and simultaneously felt Alive! and drastically Out of Touch! Time to clamour for the fashion news - gah! What's this? Fashion Television has been cancelled????? But wait, I don't want to wear flowery shorts pulled up to my rib cage with an ironic fedora sooooooo ....

Anyhoooo, I'm good, I'm good. Here is where I make my false promise that I will blog everyday, but you can't take my first born if I don't. Wait, actually you can take her, but that's a blog entry for another day (I just felt like the Friendly Giant, you may get the reference if you are old like me).


Anonymous said...

Looks like I have a new Bookmark : )). Keep it up meanoldmommy , I like . Ooooops , is a Facebook reference allowed on Blogs?

: )

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Apple Army. Once you Mac, you won't go back. ;-)

Your friendly neighbourhood curator

PS: I don't like the idea of you having a new gay BFF, in Oakville or anywhere else for that matter, so I've (ahem) taken care of them...

alison said...

I'm all nostalgic for brunch at the Clocktower wearing tiaras and the way the snotty waitress tried to kick us out as soon as we were finished. I'm glad you're having fun. Are there bloggers in Oakville?