Wednesday, April 18, 2012

(A few) Reasons Edie Will Need Therapy

-Today, putting away her laundry I smiled at a particularly cute, polka dotted pair of undies. So tiny, so size TWO! Omg, I have been cramming Petitie Edie's butt into size 2 underwear for my own cute fix. The shame.....(she's 7....)

-Again, putting away her laundry, I grimaced over the inevitable single clean sock when lo and behold, I spotted it's (dirty) mate by her bed. Did I do what a good mother would do and toss the dirty one in the laundry? Hell no. I assessed it as being not that dirty (yeah, I smelled it, judge away) and bundled it with the clean one. Let's be clear that this is not about laziness folks, it is about my desire for perfect order somewhere in my life, and so be it if it is in Edie's sock drawer.

-When Edie brought home ANOTHER sparkly Rainbow Magic I didn't even hide my groan of anguish. Luckily I'm sick so I was able to cover and say it was a weird cough, but still, have you read these things? They are so inane, so mind numbingly boring where the same verbs "beaming" and "grinning" are used ad nauseum and the use of "and then she disappeared into fairy sparkle" is used wayyyyy to often as a means to end a chapter. I HATE THEM! But Edie loves them, so yeah, I'm screwed.

-This one is for both girls, I remind them daily the perils of scurvy and go into detail of how it affected the crew of Franklin's lost Arctic Expedition when I empty their lunch bag and see uneaten fruit/veggies. 128 people died yo.

So yeah, I have my own reasons for requiring therapy, who am I to not leave a legacy of sorts?

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Lynn said...

Our youngest one has just discovered the Rainbow Fairy books after sampling a gateway drug - Level 2 reader featuring the same characters. Now we are committed. And there appear to be approximately 1 million of these things. Is there really a Sleepover Fairy? REALLY?