Friday, January 07, 2011

And we’re off!

2011 is going to be my bitch. Well, that is the intent. The Meanie household has declared the month of 2011 to be “Dry January” in which no booze is consumed and no sugar ingested. I said it. It’s out there. Now that the DT’s are gone and I don’t want to lick sugar off of Grace and Edie’s fingers after they eat a cookie, I feel pretty good. And I’ve de-puffed. I’m not sure if any actual weight has fallen off (not the goal, really) but I’m not as puffy and squidgy. So, I don’t imagine my social life will be killer this month (hey, a sober Meanie can be fun, please still invite me places! I might suck on your wine cork though).

Early to bed is also part of the agenda, which I’ve been following but it’s really hard. Santa bought me Room which I have a VERY hard time putting down at night in order to achieve 8 hours sleep, and we were also given the entire series of 6 Feet Under. It is so hard to stop at one episode when all those little boxes are crying out to be watched. Discipline Meanie!

We also got all growed up over the holidays and bought a dresser for the Master Bedroom (sounds very important when in capitals). Seriously, my clothes were in plastic storage containers before. We also bought a bed frame for our bed, in the Master Bedroom. And curtains! And one of those blankets that goes on top of your real blanket, but you don’t actually use it, it just looks pretty. Our Master Bedroom looks like the Master Bedroom of 30/40 somethings now – not so college. Dare me to buy some useless pillows for the bed – just dare me to! I got a HomeSense gift card for Christmas and I’m not afraid to use it.

So we are off to a nice, healthy start. Oh, just so you don’t think I’m all full of myself and stuff I’m still a bit of a f*&^-up because:

a) I brought my laptop home over the holidays to do some work and forgot it at home on my first day back and

b) Yesterday I was pulled over by the police at a major intersection and......actually, that’s another blog post. Still too traumatized to write about it :)


Anonymous said...

You are preachin' to the choir, sister! I bought myself matching tea-towels, a set of chef's knives, decorative pillows for the sofa, and a hand-mixer. I also hung real curtains in the bedroom. When did I become a grown-up? (Hahaha... I just realized something - I listed all those things as a sign I'm growing up BEFORE I mentioned that I got engaged! [The fiancé will not hear about this...] Funny how we measure growing up...) I can't wait to see your fancy-schmancy new digs! We can celebrate with a glass of wine. (D'oh!) You are my hero, Meanie!
- Your friendly neighbourhood curator.

Nat said...

I reckon you're must still be badass dry if you're getting pulled over by the cops.

Laura said...

Oh, a grown up bedroom! I'm jealous. :) Good luck with your "Dry January" Meanie...I should be doing it too.