Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Project Management

Last weekend, I pulled together a team, carefully picked to exploit the current economic market. I had to be ruthless in my decision, knowing that the wrong personality and ill-suited skill set could quash any plans of financial success.

I found the players in my own house.

Edie was chosen for her eyelashes, her smile, and willingness to sit, focused on the task at hand for hours at a time (as long as something sparkly was available to play with).

Grace was chosen for her athleticism (to troll for customers) ability to tell the difference between a quarter, a dime and a nickel, and her ability to spell.

Me? I was chosen for my talent at making the best darn lemonade on the block.

My team made $4.50. These girls were ruthless and didn’t give it away, even to the thirstiest. They weren’t even distracted by the topless, adorable college (god I hope they were at least college age) boys who stopped by via roller blades to sample their wares.

There was barely enough left over for gin of the Project Lead (moi) that night.

I see a bright future ahead of these young ladies.


XUP said...

You're like the Donald Trump of tart beverages

Pauline said...

Look out Martha Stewart! ;)

Laura said...

Well done! Will your daughters be selling franchising opportunities in the future? I hear the big bucks are in wholesale. lol

Kitchissippikids said...

Meanie, I saw your name on Quietfish and just had to look you up! Great name and good, warm, funny blog - I enjoyed reading - thanks!

karen said...

XUP - yeah, i just hope the girls' don't start wearing hair extensions and bandanas with cowboy hats.

PAULINE - oh ho, Martha Stewart really has nothing to worry about. I'm pretty much the opposite!

LAURA - hmmmm, good idea; they are all about the almighty buck.

KITCHISSIPPIKIDS - well thank you for stopping by AND commenting. hope you stick around :)