Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is really strange. Last night I dreamt that Edie had been attacked by birds, they kept pecking at her back and she was screaming and crying. I finally got to her, scattered the birds, lifted her shirt and there were these horrible marks on her back.
Fast forward to this morning, Edie wakes up, complaining that her back hurts. How crazy is that?

Which nicely leads me to another childhood memory. I just remembered this crazy recurring dream I used to have. It involved a picture of the baby Jesus with pastel coloured triangle shapes that were stained glass as the frame. This was one of those dreams that felt so real, I could never be sure if it actually happened or not (well, it never could have happened because we didn't have a baybay jeeesus picture). Anyhooo, I would be sleeping, and in my dream I would have this urge to go to the hall (my bedroom was on the second floor). There in the hallway would be the picture Jesus just floating in the air. It would then float down the hallway, down the first little flight of stairs, and I would follow it. It would then float down the second flight of stairs, very slowly. I would follow it. Then mid-way down the stairs IT WOULD SPEED UP REALLY REALLY FAST AND CRASH TO FLOOR AND SHATTER IN A MILLION PIECES! (sorry for yelling, but I'm trying to convey how scary it was) and then I would follow, tumble down the stairs, and get all cut up by shards of baby Jesus glass.
Then I would wake up, in my bed.
I used to have this dream over and over again.

What's your recurring dream? Is it as freak-ay as mine?


Lynn said...

Okay, I have to say, your dream really is totally freaky. You should totally sell that sucker to Hollywood. Then do NOT attend the movie premiere.

I only have recurring dreams about going blind, riding elevators, and desperately trying to find the bathroom. Nothing unusual, I don't think, although some of those bathroom dreams might cause a grimace or two.

XUP said...

My daughter and I had the same dream once. We were both in it. We each just had the dream from our own perspectives. I wonder if that's what happened to Edie? What was wrong with her back anyway?

Pauline said...

Your dream sounds very weird. What do you eat before you go to sleep?

karen said...

Lynn - It does kind of have Hollywood stamped all over it. I wonder if I could get Charlize Theron to play me??? Or are you taking about the baby Jesus dream? I'm not up on my child actors. Not sure who I would want playing the young Meanie.
XUP - I wondered about Edie and I having wonderful mother-daughter bond thing-ey going on, but thinking back on it, I suspect that I was concerned her excema was returning when I noticed her scratching her back that afternoon, thus dreamt it.
Pauline - Everynight I eat plain yogurt with a drop of maple syrup in it......and I usually help it down with the remains of my glass of wine left over from dinner.