Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eeesh, while many bloggers I follow have been dedicated to blogging every day for the month of November, I find myself with little to say. Here are some random bits:

-I was home with Edie for the past few days, she had the Flu. My heart broke into a million pieces every time she hugged me at random and said how much she loved being at home with me.

-My heart also broke into a million pieces when Grace was sad because she felt she was being ignored due to Edie being sick.

-Lately Grace has the ability to make me so very mad and so very happy, all in a five minute time-frame. Is this normal? I would prefer happy all the time.

-Threw Jo a 40th birthday party last Friday – rented out a legion hall, about 80 people showed up, there was a live band, a blow up doll, and lots and lots to eat and drink. A success! 3hrs sleep and a little hangover, not so successful the next day.

-My best friend flew into town AGAIN for the party and stayed the weekend (her husband works for an airline, she takes planes like I take the bus).

-I’m reading a book right now that I don’t like. Since I switched jobs I don’t have the same access to books like I used to. I may have to revisit the Library, I wonder if I have become any more responsible over the years?

-I watched a movie over the weekend called Observe and Report, it has a scene in it that is way too close to being a drugging/rape scenario, and it is supposed to be funny. Watched it with my girlfriend who was drugged/raped and Jonas. A very awkward moment.

-I’m kind of broke. Not a we are not going to be able to eat this week broke, but a we have to pay for the windows/trip to Chicago/car/daycare/40th birthday party. Yikes, maybe we WON’T be able to eat this week!

-To make me less depressed, and to thank you for visiting my blog, here is a picture of me riding a mechanical bull in Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Yeeee-HAW!! Yes, it's totally normal for your kids to make you happy even while they're making you angry. I read something the other day which I wish I could find and copy here, but it was about us seeing our kids on a micro level almost all the time -- being irritated by the little things they do, getting angry over some carelessness or rude behavious. The point was that we need to step back every so often and see our kids on a macro level, too -- just for perspective. At that level we'll see them for the amazing, wonderful, small and scared individuals they are trying to make their way in a big scary world, dependant on us for so very much.

Nat said...

I think I am just going to call XUP wiht all my parenting woes... brilliant that comment was.

I had to send The Boy to my mom's for two days this week because of "she who shall not be named but is on top of me in the org. structure." Made me re-evaluate this work thing... again.

karen said...

XUP - if you ever come across that article, please provide! like Nat, sounds like words of wisdom i could use.


alison said...

Love the picture! Biker Chick *and* Cowgirl. Is there anything you can't do?

Yeah, kids drive you crazy. I'm the same with Rae that you are with Grace. I like XUP's comment on that. Sounds about right.