Monday, November 23, 2009

Today The Maven wrote about cutting down her sugar intake and that of the members of her household. This coincides with a similar stance in our household. I should mention that this is a household where a morning vitamin used to be considered a treat, we now dole out sugary items on a daily basis. I’m not sure how Grace and Edie weakened our stance on candy/junk, but there was a day that we were really quite the puritans when it came to refined foods. So, because my timing has never been logical, I am, like The Maven, re-assessing what the family eats, right before the Christmas season (did I mention that I am hosting a cookie exchange party next weekend and have to bake 10 dozen cookies, for which, in return, I will receive 10 dozen sugary/fattening baked goods? Like I said, my timing is stellar).

So, here is my question to you: how do you feel about Splenda/other sugar substitutes? We (Jo and I) cut out refined sugars (based on the GI diet-thinking) a few years ago. We both trimmed down considerably (he had more to lose than me and he lost a ton). I never felt comfortable giving the kids Splenda/sugar substitute, so they were excused from my GI baking. It’s the whole rats getting cancer thing. Jo did tons of research, and sugar substitute companies slam sugar companies, and sugar companies slam the substitutes. Who do you believe? A diabetic friend has relied on substitutes for much of her life and she is no worse for wear. What is your opinion? How do you feel about sugar substitutes, particularly when it comes to giving it to your kids? I’m super-curious to hear your thoughts on this.


Hannah said...

I'm not too big on sugar substitutes, they give me a headache. I prefer the real stuff though in moderation. (or at least I try and eat it in moderation. ;))

Nat said...

I have fallen right off the health wagon food wise. In fact, I fell off, the wagon drove off and I can't even see it in the distance. However, I tend to feel a lot better when I stick to whole foods and avoid the refined crap.

I don't give The Boy fake sugar stuff and I try to avoid it myself. Except for the odd Diet Coke -- which I adore... really really adore.

The Maven said...

I also really adore Diet Coke. I was drinking two or three a day over the course of the summer. Now, I'm more or a two or three times a week person. Is it good for me? No, I'm sure it isn't. But mistress sugar and I are not-so-distant lovers, and she's anything but kind to me.

I very occasionally let the gremlins have a half a diet coke, but other than that they're not on any sweeteners. Whole foods, baby. I'm trying to get them completely and utterly hooked on the good stuff. The rest of it can be used 'in moderation'. I like that term so much. Hopefully I'll continue to use it as it's meant to be used ;)

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

i dont moderate anything so im a horrible role model but there are new sugar substitutes.. truvia is one i saw a commercial for.

that is all