Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Husband Seeks to Divorce Wife Due to her Ridiculous Library Fines

Well, he’s not going to leave me but he’s not happy with me. I got all excited last summer with the whole concept of going to the library, taking out a kajillion books and DVD’s, for absolutely FREE! I sort of forgot along the way that you have to return these items, and what I really didn’t know is that you have to pay $1.00 for every day a DVD is late being returned. The outcome? A $130.00 fine from the Ottawa Public Library, who have turned my case over to a collection agency. Sheesh, I think that’s a little hardcore considering I was late returning a few Baby Einstein videos and Dr. Seuss books. I guess baby’s not buyin’ any new boots any time soon.

I had Edie in for her pre-op appointment yesterday and it’s all a go for her operation tomorrow. I’m a little concerned about how she will deal with it. Last night she looked at a little cut on her finger (a week-old wound) and burst into tears crying “waaa!!! Bo-Bo!” How is she going to deal with her eyeballs being operated on???

Grace is showing signs of jealousy, I guess by all the concern people are showing over Edie’s operation. Yesterday at the Dr.’s office she insisted on also being weighed and having her chest listened to, eyes and ears looked at. She claimed that she was “sicker” than Edie and even wanted to get a needle. Weird. (And no, the doctor didn’t give her the luxury of an unnecessary needle).

If you want to send donations to my library fine fund, you know where to contact me :)


Anonymous said...

And you're surprised that it's been turned over to a collection agency?

How long did you "forget" these items?

Or more accurately, how absent-minded/stupid/thoughtless are you?

My only wish is that the Ottawa Public Library would also take away your library card.

Oh wait. I have another wish. Grow up, act like an ADULT now that you are a parent, and quit blaming the Library for your own actions.

Anonymous said...

I think someone that writes comments like these at 5:42 in the morning and leaves it as anonymous is the person that needs to Grow Up and act like an Adult.

Either that or they need to get a life.

The Husband in Question.

karen said...

Karen ,come on, this parallel life of ours is getting ridiculous! I panicked tonight when Morgan asked if we could go to the library tomorrow b/c I owe $47 to the Toronto Public Library (same reason as you - all those free things!) I guffawed for a second and then told her the library's closed on Saturday, so we'll go to Chapters and buy a new book (cheaper than the library this weekend!)