Thursday, October 01, 2009

Problems and solutions (long, thinking out-loud post that is all about me)


1) This summer was not the best for me. Weather wise, it was horrible (I’m the kind of gal who likes to walk outside and get hit by the heat/humidity). I feel like my bones never really dried out from the winter.

2) I also screwed up my holidays by taking two weeks off, but at separate times. I truly think you need two weeks off in a row to completely disconnect. I feel like I didn’t give my girls a real summer holiday. I was too involved with work (I would physically leave the building, but not mentally).

3) We made a huge decision, in a matter of 48 hours, to move away from Ottawa, across the country, but in the 11th hour, the opportunity was taken off the table. Which is probably a good thing, as

4) my dad was diagnosed with cancer at the same time as the opportunity to move was presented to us. It would have been very difficult to be that far away as he undergoes his chemo treatments, and so much of his illness is still a mystery to me. However,

5) I was excited for a change, to shake things up a bit, so I was a little disappointed the adventure was cancelled.

6) Gracie and her chronic night-anxiety (now treated by the amazing Thought Field Therapy) and Edie’s night waking left me feeling exhausted.

7) My allergies were so bad that I (used it as an excuse) stopped working out/running for two months.

8) I stayed up too late watching TV, using the excuse that it was the only time I had to myself. Oh, and my hot date would be a glass or two of wine and/or something junky to eat. Going to bed at 11:00-11:30, waking two to four times a night to comfort someone, then wake for good at 6:00 a.m. took its toll. A few weeks ago I was not in a good place, mentally or physically.


1) Not much I can do about the weather. Except get over it and accept that there’s nothing I can do about. I will also go (with some sunscreen on) to a tanning bed this winter if I feel the need for heat.

2) Jo and I have vowed to take two weeks off in a row next summer and leave town. No checking in with work etc. We are going to go back to Gloucester, Massachusetts, a place of great memories.

3) Well, we didn’t move, but I did take a new job across the river. Change is good, I think I will like this new job, and the people seem friendly, and the atmosphere is more relaxed and positive.

4) I developed a cure for cancer. Haha, just kidding. But I’m glad that I am able to be close by while my pops is going through all he is going through.

5) See 3.

6) Thought Field Therapy has been lifesaver. Leave a comment if you want more information. It’s crazy how effective it has been. This is a kid who would be so stressed at bedtime (heart racing etc) and wake several times a night totally freaked out by everything and not able to fall back to sleep. Now she peacefully falls asleep at night, and IF she wakes at night, with the tricks I have been taught, she falls right back to sleep. Edie, well, she still wakes up, but she is pretty easy to settle again, or she climbs into our bed and sleeps like the dead.

7) Uggh. The allergies. Well, I will get my treatments next year (missed them this year) and I started running again last week, and there is a gym at the new job, so I will definitely be taking advantage of that.

8) I’ve been trying really hard to go to bed between 9:30 and 10:00, and boy does it make a difference.

One of the biggest changes though comes on the heels of a suggestion of a girlfriend, I picked up a couple of books by Dr. Neal Barnard – a huge advocate of vegetarian based eating. I have ploughed through these books, and have completely turned around how I eat. I’ve been a somewhat uncomfortable meat eater my whole life, and now that I have eliminated it from diet (along with other changes) I have lost a few pounds, have more energy and feel better all around.

Well, that really was a self-indulgent post. Thanks for sticking around. If you have any amazing veggie recipes to pass on, please let me know. I love personal, tried and true recommendations. And I’m not scared of tofu.


Jen said...

Sorry about your Dad. Cancer sucks.

Lynn said...

I'm interested in your comments about Thought Field Therapy. My oldest two are famous for their night terrors and usually we just have to wait it out and try to get them back to sleep as best we can. I'd love to be able to do something more constructive for them.

I'm off to Google it.

Hope your dad pulls through...I'm so sorry to hear about it.

alison said...

Thinking good thoughts for your dad, Meanie.

Hannah said...

That is terrible about your father. I hope he gets better soon!

As for veggie recipes-I've got some on my blog under my header.
Do not fear the tofu. LOL:)

Anonymous said...

I've also posted veggie recipes in my blog. The key I think is to keep eating the meals you've always enjoyed except with plant-based protein sources. If you want ideas on that front I'll be happy to throw some out there. Just let me know what some of your weekly meal staples used to be.

Nat said...

I am sick with a cold right now, and I know that if I'd done a better job with the cold and the foot and all, I'd not be laid up right now.

Anyway... all to say, it sounds like things are more under control than they were.

Hope the kids sleep, your father recovers and you find some fabulous recipes.

coffeewithjulie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. It's been great for me because now I've discovered yours!

I'm really sorry to hear what your father is going through right now and wish him strength.

Can I take you up on your offer to provide deets on Thought Field Therapy?

Best, Julie