Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meanie’s Hallowe’en costumes, a random look back in time:

1) An arab (yes, my parents thought it would be a good idea to dress a 4-year old me up as an arab man, not sure where the inspiration came from that one)

2) A dice – this was actually pretty awesome in theory. My dad took a big box, painted it white, cut out some holes for my head and arms and glue some black dots on it. Where it wasn’t so awesome was when I wore it to school and couldn’t sit down because the box was too awkward, and I couldn’t take it off because I only had tights and a turtleneck on underneath. It was a long day.

3) A robot – again, my dad with a big box, spray painted silver. But wait, a trip to the hardware store was also made and that plastic coil-ey tubing was purchased for my arms and legs (you know the stuff you use to vent out from your clothes dryer) and was also spray painted silver. The garage was raided for bits of knobs and buttons for dials to be glued on. It rocked. I wore it to school convinced that I would win best costume, but some popular-with-the-teachers skank won instead for her oh so original raggedy ann costume. Whatevs. I knew I looked good.

4) A card. This was recycled from my figure skating days where my costume was a queen of hearts card. Hmmm, not sure why my parents didn’t put effort into things that year?

5) A punk rocker. Symbollic foreshadowing.

6) A hooker (cause yeah, it’s appropriate when you are 10 to dress up as someone who sells her body, Mom? Dad?)

7) Laurel of Laurel and Hardy. No idea what inspired this, but my girlfriend and I dressed up as the duo and got a lot of candy from the older folk.

8) A cop. Just a quick word to the wise – when under the influence, it is never a good idea to pull your toy gun on a real police officer. Just saying.

Well, I’m missing a few years here, but these are the ones that stick out for me. What was your best ever costume?


XUP said...

Like I mentioned somewhere, I lived in the boonies so never went trick or treating. My parents (being foreign) were mystified by the whole Halloween thing and refused to understand that I wanted to dress up for school at least, so I never did. (I know..get out the violins and hankies). I made up for it later on and went to theatre school and got to dress up for 2 years straight. I've been a 90 year old Italian woman (I have a photo of that somewhere - I should post it); a male lumberjack, a 1920s hooker, an evil witch, a clockwork orange chick, a Manson family member...etc. This year?? I can't tell. Shhh.

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

an arab LOL! that is funny. and a 10 year old hooker? nice.

i think i liked best when i was Jem just because i had huge star earrings and pink hair.

Hannah said...

My best costume was Alice from Alice in Wonderland. But that was only a few years ago, so it was a bit more risqué than a child's costume.

Anonymous said...

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