Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Shoe installment #3 – Biker Boots

I have gone through 3 pairs of biker boots. I have never owned a motorcycle (though have dated a biker and a Vespa-boy), but I have always loved loved loved the look of biker boots. The love of this look goes back to one image. An image that I saw in Vogue when I was around 14 or 15 years old. It is a picture of Linda Evangelista, wearing a white t-shirt, jeans in a fantastic wash, and these incredible, black, motorcycle boots. She looked a beautiful she-male Marlon Brando. I have carried this image in my head for years. A perfect white-T is easy enough to find, as are jeans (well, those are getting more difficult to find), but the boots have proven to be much, much more difficult.

I have compromised over the years and bought boots that came close, but not quite close enough, to emulating the boots in Vogue. Friends near and far have been dragged into my search. My Montreal peeps knew that when I came to town, part of the trip would involve a likely unsuccessful hunt for “the Boots”. Edie’s former caregiver even called me from a Value-Village one afternoon , as excited as anything, letting me know that she had just picked me up pair of tags-still- on, black Harley Davidson boots, ½ a size too big than what I needed. I’ve actually worn these boots over the past few years, and they have become favourites, but they just weren’t perfect enough.

And then, while searching the Net for the illusive perfect boot, I found them. Without a doubt, these were them. I zoomed in and out on the image, looked at every angle possible (Zappo’s is amazing for that) clicked on my size, the colour I wanted and proceeded to the checkout.


Do not deliver to Canada!! WTF! And only 2 pairs left in this size!!!! What’s a girl to do? I called upon my trusty friend in Chicago, a fellow lover of shopping, who I knew would sympathize. And sure enough, within minutes of sending her an email, she had confirmed that they had been ordered, would be shipped to her husbands’ work and he would take care of sending them off to me. I have nice friends.

And so, here they are. I look nothing like Linda Evangelista, but I do like my boots.

*thanks CD for the pic!


Hannah said...

Woo! Those are some sweet boots!:)

Anonymous said...

You're hotter than that betch, Evangelista... Once we get you into a white t-shirt, your hot jeans and those smokin' boots, your photo shoot on my motorcycle will blow that bimbo from Saint Catherines out of the water!
- Your friendly neighbourhood curator (and biker)

Stella said...

Crazy hot!

XUP said...

Those boots DO kick ass!

Lynn said...

LOVE these boots. It's not everyone who could pull these off.

I heard some bad news about the portrait gallery on CBC radio today -- apparently the idea of it is all but dead. Are you still working there?

coffeewithjulie said...

I just love boots! It's the best part of fall season, isn't it? Your motocycle boots rock and you can totally pull them off. Watch out Linda.

Nat said...

So... what size do you wear? And where do you live... and where do you keep the boots?

We saw Bruce Springsteen in Boston in 2007 and Patti had on these amazing boots. ... I'm still looking for them.

alison said...

Tres cool!