Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So, I told you all about my great new job, tralalala, life is good etc in my last post. I just realized today that I have had the exact same routine for approx. 4 years now and I am going to have to switch things up! Sometimes Meanie doesn’t like change. I’m of the if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it category.
For the past few years I have done the following:

1) alarm goes off at 5:50, I hit snooze until 6:15, at which time I take inventory of who is in my bed (the kiddies, people the kiddies!)

2) stumble to the shower, somehow manage to do all things required to make me beautiful while ½ asleep (let us remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder)

3) tip toe out of the house to avoid contact with said kiddies (I can’t handle guilt trips first thing in the morning about whhhhhyyyyyyy I have to work and whhhhyyyyyyy I can’t bring them to school).

4) After tiptoeing out of the house run like the dickens to my bus stop with 30 seconds to spare.

5) Usually sit in the same seat, on the same bus, nod to the same people every morning.

6) Sleep/read.

7) Get off bus one stop before work so I can get my venti bold black, at the same Starbucks, from the same server, every morning.

8) Walk to work, with intimate knowledge of the timing of the lights.

9) Arrive to office. Nod to the same early birds at the same time each morning.

10) Turn computer on, remove sneakers, put on one of the umpteen pairs of shoes I have stored in my office (pick me pick me! They all call out).

11) Type in pass word, pull breakfast from my lunch bag and eat the same thing I have been eating forever – a green smoothie and an energy bar from Trillium bakery. Only consume coffee once I have finished breakfast, by then it is the perfect

12) Work away, work away, check a few blogs :)

13) 11:00 eat lunch while working.

14) 11:30 Get ready for The Walk (I try to walk for an hour each lunch hour)
15) Return to work when everyone else has gone to lunch (I’m a social butterfly, can’t you tell?)

16) 3:00 p.m. close up shop. Walk one bus stop further than the one closest to me. The one closest to me would require walking back a block, and I can only move forwards, not backwards. Does that make sense?

17) 3:30, grab car, do any quick errands I need to do before I pick up the girls, or pick up the girls, bring them to a park and run them before heading home.

18) Once home, homework is done while I make dinner.

19) Yell at kids to get ready for Brownies/Track/bathtime whatever is going on that evening.

20) 8:00 gather kiddies for bedtime, start off like Mary Poppins, end up like Genghis Kahn because of their bedtime shenanigans.

21) Say goodnight.

22) Go to the office, check email and, ummm, LaineyGossip.

23) Make lunches for the next day (always stressful).

24) Maybe watch a show/fold laundry.

25) Lay out clothes for the next day (I hate September for this – I always lay out something completely inappropriate for the unpredictable weather we are having).

26) Wash face, apply beauty products, pray they will work, brush teeth, floss if feeling ambitious, go to bed.

For my new job I have to take 2 busses to get there. This will add a 27 to my 26 steps of the day. This may require some therapy on my part. And there is no Starbucks where I am going. And I will be in a cubicle, not an office with a door. I may be limited in how many shoes I can bring with me.

Think of me Monday morning.


beth said...

Good Luck!

Nat said...

Definitely good luck.
You'll find room for the shoes... I have faith.

Hannah said...

Best of luck in your new job!
No Starbucks? Ouch! But perhaps you could start making your own coffee/tea/hot chocolate.
Could save you some money.:)

Anonymous said...

a) If there isn't a Starbucks there now, there soon will be.
b) There will always be room for shoes.
c) You will quickly develop a new routine which you will discover is so much better than the old routine

Chantal said...

Good luck in the new digs!

My day (at least my morning) is a lot like yours. As much as I find it mundane, changing it even a bit drives me wild!

alison said...

good luck! how was today?

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

no starbucks? THE SHAME!