Friday, February 20, 2009

It's not the first time....

Someone asked me about what my girls names are. I told this person Grace and Edie. This person asked if Edie was named after Idi Amin. Yes, Jonas and I greatly admire the brutal Ugandan dictator, and wanted to forever commemorate him by naming our daughter after him. Gawd. People have also asked if she is named after Edie on Desperate Housewives. Now, I have never watched this show, but from what I understand, the character Edie is a slutty little thing, so no, we did not name our daughter after a pop culture figure who will fizzle out shortly, forever forgotten. Actually, I first heard the name Edie from Andy Warhol's Factory days. While I wouldn't say we named Edie after her, (she was a socialite, drug addicted, and likely died of suicide) I can safely say she inspired the name. And tragic life aside, she was kind of a cool cat.

So, not:

and not:

sort of:

But one day, I bet kids will be named after our fab little Edie.

Happy 4th birthday Edie Bikini!


The Maven said...

I'm glad you put that in picture form for those of us who need to connect the dots like that.

Are you sure you didn't name her after the Ugandan dictator? So inspirational?

*shakes head*

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

lol come on.. it SO is the dictator *snickers*

Happy Birthday Edie!

XUP said...

So did you name Grace after Grace O'Malley or Alias Grace or Amazing Grace?

Hannah said...

Who the hell would ask you if you named her after an evil dictator, like its a completely normal thing to do? (They weren't the same people who named their son "Hitler" were they? ;))