Thursday, February 19, 2009

7 years old!?

If Grace is having a particularly rancourous day (is that a word? It should be if it isn't), I try to take her outside in the early evening and run her a little bit, in an effort to burst some of those little of atoms of energy bouncing around her body. When I took her out last Saturday for "the Walk", she didn't go charging out of the starter gate. Instead, at the base of our driveway, she reached for my hand. And so we walked. And we talked. She told me about the 4th grader who sometimes breaks the fort that her and her friend Katrina work so hard make. She asked me about the degree of severity of swear words, from worse to not so bad (I hid my smile when she informed me that the D word is "Dumb"). She told me that she wants to grow her bangs out. She told me that she doesn't really like TreeHouse anymore, the shows are too babyish and she now likes Zach and Cody, Suite Life and Hannah Montana. She also expressed concern that this will cause problems, because her sister is still very much into "baby"' shows like Max and Ruby. She told me that when she grows up she would like to be a spy, or a swimmer. She's not too sure yet.

I can't really remember what all else we talked about, but I do remember my eyes welling up on that walk, thinking about this precious, wonderful kid I have been given. Amazed that she is turning seven, and getting so mature. Remembering feeling like just a kid myself when we brought her home from the hospital, wondering what I was supposed to do with her. And then remembering when my instinct kicked in and walking the hallway with her, singing "This Little Light of Mine" to her over and over again until she would settle and fall asleep. Now, when we sing that song together, and part of me thinks that she too remembers those early bonding days. I hope we will always have that bond.

Happy Birthday my little light, shine on.

(sorry kiddo, Zac Efron hasn’t done a version of this song yet, but here are some pretty good alternatives)


Anonymous said...

This is such a cool, cool post. I love those moments when my kid and me are both relaxed enough to just be into each other for an hour or so. All this stuff comes out she’s been storing up in her little head and we have the greatest talks. It still happens even at 16, though maybe not as often as I’d like and it takes her much longer to unwind enough to spill her guts. I hope you’ll store this conversation and the many others you’ll have with both your girls somewhere so you can bring it out years from now and look at them together.

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

you better tell her.. or maybe its you that needs to know.. Suite life is Zach and Cody.. just want you to be on the up and up dude.

swimmer or a spy i love it.

kids are awesome

Happy Birthday Grace