Thursday, February 12, 2009

Apparently Mother Nature thought I would be more comfortable in Florida if I could see my breath – y’know, to make me feel right at home. I tried hard to hide my disappointment when the following occurred:

-I saw my breath because it was so freaking cold
-There were flags on the beach alerting us to dangerous marine life (read: sharks!) Apparently the sharks were all in a frenzy because it’s mating time, and they were coming closer to shore because it was so cold, and they too like to get it on with a reasonable temperature. Oh, and when sharks get horny, apparently they get all excited an snap at anything they can get their jaws on.
-There were flags on the beach alerting us to a dangerous undertow, which just fed my paranoia, due to a recurring dream, of Edie being swept out to sea with me helplessly swimming to save her but getting nowhere (*shiver*)
-The blue blobs peppering the beach. Stupid jellyfish couldn’t get it together enough to stay IN the ocean and instead were being swept ashore at an alarming rate. (I think it’s okay to call them stupid, right? I’m not hurting feelings, I’m pretty sure that jellyfish literally do not have brains)
-A father-in-law who apparently found a channel on TV that plays Nancy Grace 24/7

What made my disappointment subside:

-Fresh fish
-Squeals of joy from the girls when it did get warm enough to jump in the waves (with me hovering to swat away any horny sharks)
-Having Edie, Grace AND Jonas constantly asking me to check out the cool seashells that they found
-An awesome awesome 12 hour day at Disney, during which time the kids were just amazing, and did not ask for one thing when we were there (except to go on rides). While kids were melting down left right and centre of us, our little angels kept their cool and didn’t resort to this kind of behavior for a mere trinket (they are more inclined to save that kind of behavior for something much more important, like candy). Grace even went on Space Mountain twice, once with me and once with Jo. That’s hardcore.
-Hearing Edie say “My tummy feels hungry!” at the top of another rollercoaster, knowing that she is feeling butterflies instead.
-Sending Grace for a run around on the beach, having her eye me suspiciously and ask “Is this a trick to tire me out?”
-$7, $15, and $25 shoes purchased at the outlets (my own little effort for the economic stimulus).
-Warmer weather our last days there – I was tickled to get a sunburn.
-Movies on Air Canada. I watched the Duchess and the girls watched Treehouse.

I’m back, I’m refreshed. Tralalalala.


~*Jobthingy*~ said...

oh man. i HATE nancy Grace. she is such a whinny bitch and all she does is talk about the same shit. she is like a bad soap.

i feel your pain.

i am glad you had a great time tho. welcome home :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a typical February in Florida. Glad you had a refreshing vacation and are now raring to go back to work. I love that Grace has caught on to your sneaky mothering methods

Anonymous said...

Sharks. Two years in a row. Hmmm... Maybe you're just a pervy shark voyeur??

- Your friendly neighbourhood curator.

Nat said...

Sharks!!! I'm not sure I'd have gotten in the water...

Sounds like you had a not bad trip in spite of the weather.

alison said...

Sounds like a good time in spite of horny sharks and brainless jellyfish.