Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Friday – Gracie’s Christmas talent show, all grandparents invited back to our house for dinner

Saturday – Edie ballet in the morning; go to Not Your Grandma’s Craft Sale (I promised myself); Manotick Santa Clause parade in the afternoon (you promithed! You prom-om-om-omithed!); Gracie’s first ever sleep over hosted at our house (rent appropriate movie).

Sunday: Make a fun breakfast for the sleepover girls; host nine lovely ladies for a Christmas cookie exchange party; bake 9 dozen cookie for said exchange; clean house for said exchange; clear children and husband from house for said exchange, ensure they are gone for at least 5 hours so nine ladies can enjoy spiked eggnog and no little voices/feet for a few hours.

Of course, laundry, groceries, cooking meals will all have to take place concurrently. And I’m working out regularly now and don’t want to miss a session. And I’ve promised myself 8 hours sleep each night. And my cleaning lady has been m.i.a. for about 4 weeks now.

Oh, and I have yet to get the girls photo printed for our Xmas cards, I have yet to write out our Xmas cards, and I have not dedicated even one brain cell to thinking about what to buy people for Xmas. I did buy the girls some stuff on Kijiji over the course of the year, so at least that is done.

And next week? I don’t want to write about for fear of putting myself into an early grave.

What’s you’re holiday madness?


zoom said...

Yikes! I was feeling overwhelmed and all I have to do is decide upon and buy gifts for a couple of people, bake some gingerbread cookies, put up a tree, send four Christmas cards, and cook a turkey dinner for three people.

Nat said...

Oh god. Well, I am avoiding by being in denial.
Also toying with canceling Christmas -- unfortunately it didn't fly.

Things are a bit tamer on this end.

Rob said...

Jeezuz............that's a hairy life you lead!

Sounds like you really need to play bass in a punk band to put a little balance in your life!


XUP said...

Weren't you going to rebalance your life a while back? However, a lot of that stuff sounds like fun, so maybe that's good.

~Jobthingy~ said...

ugh this time of year is so crazy

but its kinda fun *giggles*

alison said...

I am trying to have faith that I will get done what needs to be done, and the rest doesn't matter.

That's what I keep telling myself. I am going slightly crazy because I can't shop for the girls when the girls are with me. And they are always with me.

Will be baking some more cookies this weekend, and maybe doing a Christmas letter, but all my creativity seems to be sucked out of me doing the blog. Would it be wrong to write a Christmas letter with just the URL in it?