Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Unfit parents.

A couple of nights in row now, Jo and I have been on the internet way past our bedtime. Surfing free porn? Nope. Online shopping? I wish. Catching up on blog reading? I forget what a blog is. Nope, we are desperately trying to revive our daughter's Webkin Clara, who is constantly ill, with an icepack on her head (hang over?) and a thermometer in her mouth. This upsets Grace to no end, she worries that Clara could die (they wouldn't be so mean, would they?) Meanwhile, Jo and I are pissed because we take it quite personally that we can't make a virtual pet get healthy again.....what does that say about us as parents of two little humans?

We excercise this thing; we buy it it's four food groups and then a special treat; we bought it a tutu and ballet shoes and the little shit still isn't happy! C'mon Ganz, what's the deal, what will it take to make Clara happy? Anyone else have this problem? Should we just let her cry it out?

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alison said...

I have totally avoided the Webkinz so far. I'm hoping that I can keep on doing it. If Leah's treatment of her Littlest Petshop tamagotchi is anything to go by, any Webkin she adopted would be in the virtual pet cemetary by week's end.

Sorry that I can't help. Though if it makes you feel any better, I'm sure that the Children's Aid won't take Webkinz health into consideration when trying to decide your fitness as parents.