Saturday, January 12, 2008

I came across an article the other day about child psychology. I wasn't looking for information (I gave up on reading up about that stuff a long time ago - now we tend to just wing it!) Anyhooooo, this article mentioned that the absolute worst time to have another child is when your first is 3 years old. It goes on to say that a two year gap is ideal, because first born won't remember what life was like before baby #2 came along, and a 4+ year gap is good, because the first born is more mature to deal with new baby. Heh heh. Guess what the difference is between Grace and Edie? 3 years and 1 day. Perrrrfecccct. This could explain the balls out fighting that goes on in our household on most days. It explains when I jokingly (cough) made the remark that we had to get rid of one of our kids that Grace excitedly exclaime "Edie, right?"

It explains why almost two year Edie knows how to say "Chill out Gracie!".

Do any of you have sisters? Does it get better? Or should I just crack open the bottomless cabernet sauvignon now and sedate myself until they move out?


alison said...

I am 3.5 years older than my sister. It gets better. We hardly ever hit each other anymore.

Chantal said...

I am 3 years older than my sister. I hate to say it, but we've never gotten along or been very close. We're better now, but I dunno ... we just don't connect.

Now, my own kids. I can tell you again, that this is also true.

1 and 2 are 16 months apart. It sucked at first, but it's BRILLIANT now. They're best friends.

2 and 3, well, they're 3 years and 1 month apart. I'm trying to force a relationship, but you can see the tension between them. I think 2 remembers her world before cute little 3 came along and she's never gotten over it.

2 and 4 are boy/girl, so that may have something to do with it, but their 20 month span seems to work well again.

So yeah, I agree with the article!

Gleemonex said...

I'm 3 years younger than my bro, and three years older than my sister (all of us born in the same month) -- and I've always thought that was perfect spacing in every way. Allegedly I was a little miffed at the "crowding" when baby sis got brought home, but apparently I got over it -- we were the closest of friends until she Found Jesus In a Big Way, post-college, and became impossible to talk to. Matter of fact, that's the spacing I'm hoping for if we have a second one, and got an IUD to ensure my body doesn't jump the gun!

Gleemonex said...

But also: a big yes to the cab sauv. Buy it from here, and Things Will Change in your beverage-drinking life: