Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New BFF's

We broke up for a while, but we are getting back together. He doesn't mind if I see other people, he doesn't mind if I see other women(!). He's the only man who can tell me to push harder, faster, without getting a slap in the face. Even though he favours yellow spandex that shows off his package, I still can't help but find him endearing. He hurts me - I know that's wrong, but I always come back for more. I find him - inspiring. Billy Banks is my friend.

I was wary of Kathi - any woman with a terminal case of perkiness leaves me suspicious, but she has won me over with her promises of 20 minutes a day to a new me. She uses hot guys to motivate me, and she lets me get a drink of water when I tire. While I don't think I could go on a bender with Kathi Smith (I suspect she drinks pink beverages with little umbrellas in them) I can spend 20 minutes a day with her, and I have been, and I've gotta admit, I'm seeing some changes.

I wonder if they'll invite me to their birthday parties???

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Gleemonex said...

Me and Billy had to part ways while I was pregnant. There was just this whole scene, and ... too much drama. But we're sort of talking again.

Kathi, I don't hang with her. But I do hang with Tracy York, Michelle Dozois and ol' what's-her-name on the SHAPE "Bikini Body Camp" DVD -- two different workouts, 30 mins each, and honestly good stuff. As a feminist I get slightly irked by the "bikini body" nonsense, but as a mom at home with a 4-month-old, I am ALL ABOUT these great workouts.