Monday, February 05, 2007

thank god for t.v.....

i don't know how single parents do it. i got hit HARD this past weekend with the flu, or a really bad cold. swollen glands, stiff neck, painful joints. i literally couldn't get out of bed on both sunday and this morning. jo had to do it all. what do people do who don't have a partner to share in "sickness and in health?" there is no way i could have cared for the girls on my own this weekend. scary eh? this illness has definitely made me think about my sisters who are doin' it on there own.

other than that little cheery note, our family has been kicking butt in the fun department...ummm, can you say tobogganing at mooney's bay? this is so much fun! and free! try it, but just look out for the family with snotty noses cruising out control down the hill....i guess we will tackle winterlude this weekend, assuming all antibiotics have kicked in done their job. it's wierd, i feel like it's a personal failure when i or my kids need antibiotics. i like to think we are above all that, super-hero healthy. oh well, i guess we will have to excel in other areas (i wish i could be proud of the number of times a day i wipe snot from my kids' noses - but it's just not the same)

i watched a great movie on my sick bed today - american dreamz clever and funny. it must have flown under the radar as i didn't hear about it when it was out.

*this rambling blog entry is courtesy of extra strengh tylenol and lack of nourishment as it hurts to swallow)

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