Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I have a five year old.

Ms. Grace is five. She's half a decade old. I'm glad she woke up early this morning so I could see her before I headed off to work. I'm glad her daddy emailed me to report that she was tickled when everyone rushed to wish her a happy birthday at her daycare - apparently she was absolutely bursting with pride. I'm glad this very non-domestic mommy took time to make and frost cupcakes last night to share with her kindergarten class. I'm glad I have a husband who saw the importance of driving the cupcakes over to her school to ensure that they got there safely. I'm glad that I'm just as excited as she is to open her gifts tonight. I'm glad that after struggling with post partum depression I can finally feel the joy, pride, optimism that a mommy should feel on her child's birthday.

I'm glad I get to do it all over again tomorrow when Edie turns 2.


zebby said...

Five is a great age! I think i truly started to LIKE my kid around that age. Sense of humour starts to really kick in, as does logical thinking - sort of.
my theory is that the cupcake thing will pay off bigtime later. i am a believer in the cupcake phenomena. do you remember me cracking jokes about "ahhh cookies..mmm.. just like mom never made"

skupe said...

Hey Special - 5 years old, huh? She is such a precious, wonderful gift - and i am so glad that mommy can feel the joy she so richly deserves. Sorry I missed sending a card - but what would you expect? I'm me! But I love you girl, and can't wait to come visit and have you make cupcakes for me. you are my bestest ever - for ever.