Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is the story of the Barbapappas…..

Do you remember this show? I didn’t have cable as a kid and I had two significantly older siblings who monopolized the T.V. with “boring” fare. Therefore any T.V. time I did have I absolutely cherished. Shows that stand out in my memory are: G-Force, Simon and the Land of Chalk Drawings, Read-Along, Sesame Street (duh), Smurfs, Barbapappas and The Wondeful World of Disney on Sunday nights (“Mom, can I please be excused to go watch Disney!?). I watched these shows on a tiny little television that you had to (gasp) stand up to change the channel. Okay. I sound like an old fuddy duddy, right? (Back in my day….)

I know history repeats itself, and it makes me laugh to think about what Grace and Edie are going to tell their children one day. Are they going impress their youngsters with stories of their hardships during their youth? I can just imagine Grace saying “You have it so good. When I was growing up, we only five channels dedicated to kids shows, and we had to watch it on a 50” plasma!” Or Edie complaining “Huh, back in my day, the potty training seats only played one song when we tinkled….”

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