Monday, January 15, 2007

I’ve been slacking big time, sorry to those of you who check in regularly. What happened to me? I think Christmas and New Years just exhausted me – we had fun, lots of fun, but I burned out. I think I’m back in the game now.

Edie was supposed to have her operation today, but lo and behold, she woke up with the snottiest nose EVER on Friday, and the cold has been working its way down to her chest ever since. She spent the night (quite righteously) between Jonas and me. How can a 23 month old make a king sized bed feel like a twin? She managed to send Jo and me both to our respective corners while she ensured comfort for herself. Anyhoooo, the docs won’t touch her with any kind of illness, so the operation is called of for now. I’m a little relieved, I’m not in a hurry to get it done, I know it has to be done, but the delay buys me a little more time to deal with it.

I took Grace and her friend to feed the ducks on Saturday. We all had a little lesson in compassion and how Mother Nature can be a bitch. There was a duck the girls quickly named “Broken Beak” as half of his top beak was broken off. This duck was in rough shape, every time he managed to get some bread we were feeding the ducks, another duck would come along and grab in out of his mouth before he could swallow in (meanies!) The girls proclaimed this as being “NOT FAIR!” and managed to scare away the other ducks and focus on just feeding Broken Beak. I was proud of them. They also want to go back next week and feed Broken Beak again…..I’ll bring them, but Mother Nature might take care of Broken Beak in her own way….try explaining that to a couple of almost 5 year olds in love with a duck.

If anyone knows what “VEEE! VEEEEE!” means, please let me know. Edie is trying to communicate something of obvious importance to us, and we just aren’t getting it. It’s like she has the answer to the meaning of life, but a cruel joke is stopping her from telling us about it.

I was very social last week. Check it out:

-Wednesday, went out with a girlfriend for coffee and a movie (we saw Rocky Balboa…so fricking good)

-Friday night, went out with two girl friends for a movie and drinks (saw Pursuit of Happyness, it was okay. Willl Smith is cheesy though).

-Saturday night, my folks came over to look after the girls while Jo and I went our for dinner with good friends of ours. This was super-fun. One thing I don’t get though. My dinner sucked, I only ate an eighth of it, I told the waitress it sucked, she looked concerned and said she would see what she could do. When the bill came, she said she didn’t charge me for dessert. Huh? I liked the dessert. It was the main course I had issues with. Weird.

Okay. I feel unloaded now.

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