Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh my gods with everything going on in my life I have nothing to write about. Like nothing. As if I’m planning the biggest move of my life and I have nothing to say about it. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to ruin everything with my bad karma juju. I don’t want to write too much about “How To Sell Your Home and Buy a Home in City Much Larger and Much More Expensive Than Your Current City”. But can I blog bitch slap the people who have come through my house and made comments such as “I am disappointed in the landscaping”. The word “disappointed” is sooooo pretentious. I would much prefer that you say “I effing hate the landscaping”. It would make me feel all punk rock and growly instead of kind of ashamed, like I disappointed my grade 1 teacher. I also want to freak out a little bit at the person who opened our drawers. Yup, my unmentionables drawer was open (trust me, I checked that they were closed before our open house - I like to set traps for people). What were you looking for nosy parker? The drawers are not part of the sale, there was no need for you to take a peek in there. I know IKEA Malm furniture is almost irresistible to touch and explore, but c’mon. You’re lucky you got my pretty things and not Jo’s collection of Joe boxers. I also don’t particularly like it when I get a message that someone wants to come through our house, in 45 minutes. And I live about 20 minutes from work. And of course that call came the day that I relaxed a little and left the house looking like someone actually lives in it (because god forbid someone walks through your house thinking it has something of a, we are going for complete sterile anonymity here with a splash of life in the form of a strategically place pine comb).

Please, buy my house. I will even throw in my chest of drawers if you do!

And now the Happy Portion of today’s blog post.

Movie review. Well, I felt like a dirty birdy last week when I went to go see Drive with Ryan Gosling. Have you seen this movie yet? OMG, if you have, and you are a lady (or a gay-dy I s’pose) you KNOW what I’m talking about when I say elevator scene. Sweet baby Beiber if Gosling could put those kisses in a can and sell them.....

Another movie review (putting smart glasses on). 50/50. Was privy to an advanced screening (wow, the glasses really work, that intro did sound smart didn’t it!?) of this flick and it is put-your- popcorn-down good. It’s about cancer, which is bad, but it has so many “real” moments in it (did I mention my glasses are also hipster glasses?) that you literally laugh and cry and feel really uncomfortable at times. Go.

Another movie review (smart glasses off, pants off too whaaaatttt???) Crazy Stoopid Love. Again, if you have seen this, I Had the Time of My Life will never be the same for you either.

T.V. Review. Ummmm, not really a review, but just curious if the X Factor has made anyone cry more than twice? Me neither, but that would be really crazy if it did, right?

Well, that’s about it. I wish I had more interesting stuff to write about but my regular little subjects (Grace and Edie) have no stimulation at home (because when you are selling your home you have to hide every toy, crayon, object o’ fun) and so I find them slack jawed in front of the t.v. wayyyy too much and that doesn’t provide much blogging fodder.


Anonymous said...

Karen... You went to a movie without me? (tsk tsk)

"Sweet baby Beiber" = Brilliant. "Gay-dy"? Not so much... ;-)

You also could have blogged about the upcoming apocalypse. You do have creatures falling from your trees, after all.

- Your friendly neighbourhood curator.

Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

Oh Karen....BWAHAHAHA. I laughed out loud at this post. Mostly cause I can relate (sold and bought two homes in the last....ya...two years) It's not pleasant. One "showing" the people stayed 1.5 hours. I kid you not. I shudder to think what the heck they were doing in there.

As to Ryan Gosling....dude can do no wrong in my books. Okay...he can do all sorts of wrong....but you know what I mean. :)

Mandy said...

Now I'm all curious about your landscaping... can't be that bad. Plus they can just do their own landscaping after they buy it. I can't believe people who wouldn't buy a house because they don't like the garden or the paint colors...common people, have a little imagination!