Monday, November 22, 2010


So todays to-do list:

Deal with the fact that it is Monday - check

Ice on driveway - check

Fall on driveway with sexy boots on - check

No longer feel sexy - check

Ice all over van - check

One ice scraper, two girls who want to help scrape - check

One five year falling right on her ass in a puddle - check

One five year not wearing splash pants because I was in too much of a rush to put them on her - check

Get to school and realize the back up pants I packed are actually the 8 year olds skinny jeans - check

5 year old takes about 10 hours putting on the back up pants - check

The nice man who treats me to valet parking at my lot is not in today - check

I have to park in the shittiest pot holiest spot in the lot - check

Get home, make high caloric comfort meal, everyone enjoys it - check (yay! bright spot!)

Get jammies on, 5 year proceeds to remind me that it is her turn to bring the sharing snack tomorrow, and it has to be celery - check

No celery in house - check

Drive to grocery store with 5 year old, 5 year old falls HARD in parking lot - check

5 year old insists on checking for blood by the foggy light in the middle of the parking lot - check

I chose to go to the grocery store in the sketchiest part of the 'hood - check

Tears and snot create dreadlocks in 5 year olds hair - check

Too late for a shampoo, spray untangler spray in wet hair instead - check

Check label, what I actual sprayed in her hair was Banana Boat SPF 30 sunscreen and have to proceed with shower after all - check

Rather than support me, family laughs at me - check

How was your Monday?


Anonymous said...

DOH! It can only get better from here. Have some wine.

Nat said...

Ooooh my!!!
I'd be calling in a do-ever.

Anonymous said...

Pass mama her "juice box"... (You deserve it!)

- Your friendly neighbourhood curator

Lynn said...

Oh lordy, that is the worst day ever.

Although I did laugh at the sunscreen.

Sorry about that :).

Mary said...

As my sister says, that's a day when you go to bed with a bottle of wine with a baby bottle nipple on it.

I hope the rest of your week got better!

(is it wrong that I laughed at this post? I'm sorry!)

alison said...

Oh boy, pretty crappy indeed. Once Rachel sprayed her hair with window cleaner trying to copy me misting her hair with a spray bottle of water. Hope your Tuesday was better.

Little Red Hen said...

Oh my heavens, that's hysterical, um, no, sorry, horrible. It's horrible.

Pauline said...

That is one crap Monday. I agree with Anonymous-Days like that call for wine!

Anonymous said...