Friday, April 30, 2010

So quirky!

They both had me smiling today...

I was talking about having babies in the U.S. and how pricey it can me, and how my friend Paula had to "pay through the nose" to have just a normal hospital birth. Grace looked at me puzzled and troubled, and said "does it hurt to have a baby out of your nose?"

*ahem, Dalton, are you listening? In case us well intentioned parents are missing the big picture at home, sex ed in the classroom might be a good idea!*

And Edie, well, Edie just kept telling me this morning how much she love, love, loves her pinkies.

That's just awesome Edie. I love your pinkies too.


Pauline said...

Ha! Cute!
If you are upset about Dalton's latest cowardice in the face of all those obnoxious fundamentalists, you should write him a letter!

We need to let them know that there are sensible people still out there who want their children to know the truth about sex and their bodies. :)

Nat said...

Too funny. Did you explain to her where babies came out?

I tend to love kiddie toes too. Except I noted, today at supper, that The Boy's feet are umm... close to being beyond the cute stage.

Very sad.

XUP said...

If your child actually believes that babies are born this way, I don't think you can blame it all on Dalton.

alison said...

Leah once thought you could get a baby in a McDonald's Happy Meal, you know, as the toy. True story.

meanie said...

pauline - you're right, i should!
nat - grace knows where babies come from, she just thought maybe the nose was another option she hadn't explored yet.
xup - but i love blaming polticians for everything.
alison - shhhh, mcdonald's may just take that idea and run with it!