Thursday, February 25, 2010

This week was kind of the shits for me. Because I am smart and work a four-day work week, my week is now over. Because I am striving to be a half glass full kinda gal (it can be a half glass of hard liquor, right?) I am going to highlight the positive:

Things that made me smile this week:

Grace, looking at me accusingly
“Mommy, you laugh a lot”.

Edie explaining a picture that she drew to me of a box with lots of colourful blobs around it. Turns out it is a prototype (my word, not hers) of a butterfly machine she wants to make so she can crank out butterflies on a whim.

So many pretty shiny medals!

Sitting in massive over-stuffed chairs at Zoe’s (tucked to the left of the lobby at the Chateau Laurier) with some super-funny ex-colleagues, sipping on a whiskey sour and eating fancy cheese.

My mom talking about “the email” like she owns it.

Edie skiing and being all like “whatever” when she made it down the hill herself without falling/losing control.

Hearing one of Gracie’s friends saying “that’s so random” TOTALLY out of context.

Friends who are happy (I’m typing at you Mr. Friendly Neighbourhood Curator!)

Here’s to next week being better, and Go Canada Go!

(I need some of those Olympic mitts to bring to a friend in the States next week, if anyone has a lead, please let me know where I can get them).


Pauline said...

When I was a part time instructor, there were two little boys that used to say "touché!" all the time and laugh like crazy. I don't think they knew what it meant, but they enjoyed saying it all the same.

Kids can be funny sometimes.

XUP said...

Zellers is all about the Olympic stuff. I saw some mitts there on the weekend.

Stella said...

Good on ya for highlighting the positive.... I've been forgetting to do that lately.

alison said...

"Random" seems to be the au courant word for the younger set. I was listening to the girls talking in the back seat of the car on the way to the store the other day, and heard Leah tellng Rae about playing at recess, "Alice and I made a snow fort, but it was a hotel, and Michell and Justin and this other guy wanted to rent rooms." "Who was the other guy?" "I don't know, just some random guy."

The Chateau sounds like it was fun.

meanie said...

Pauline - I know, I wish I could write down every time they say something funny. I do try to tell other parents something cute their kid has said when with me - I love stuff like that.
XUP - thanks, I wonder if it's too late to get some? It will likely be on sale now? I hope?
Stella - Hard to do sometimes, but it does put things in perspective.
Alison - I am officially out of it as far as Grace is concerned. I wondered when that would happen :)