Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sometimes I get mocked for my internet addiction. But, here are a few good things the internet has done for me lately:

1) I copied this, recipe and later made it and the whole family ate it, and I felt like polishing my halo, because, y'know, lentils people, lentils is where it is at.

2) I turned MD for a few hours, diagnosing and arriving at the conclusion that Grace does not have pink eye (I would take off my stethoscope and smart glasses for more serious symptoms, don't worry).

3) I became Scorcese for a little bit and uploaded some home movies for friends and family to view on YouTube (whatevs, my Mom impresses easily - she thinks only I can do these things, therefore am a
computer AND filmmaking genius, why burst her bubble?)

4) I saved money by selecting a bunch of stuff online, proceeding to check out, and then not buying because for the masseeeve shipping expenses.

5) I burned some calories and dug up my old combat boots after watching this video.

6) I decided against this mascara and decided on this one instead after putting my smart glasses on and reading some reviews on this website.

7) I donated to Haiti.

8) I bust a gut watching this clip from the Golden Globes over and over and over again.

9) I sort translated some Norwegian stuff because I have a friend on Facebook who does her status updates in Norwegian, then all her Norwegian friends reply, and there are always lots of smiley faces and exclamation marks and my curiosity gets the better of me and I have to know what they are talking about!

10) I tried on different hairstyles from the 80's.

Being the multi-tasker (ADD) person I am, this all took place in about a 45 minute time span. I'm that good.


Cindy said...

Why are lentils so good - they taste ok, but why so good??

Nat said...

Damn I love music on the internets... I had a little dance to Social distortion just now. :)

No army boots.

XUP said...

And then you updated your blog and wowed people all over the world with your technical savvy!

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

um the double extend is the freaking BOMB!

that whole tube technology makes for no racoon eye when you wash.. you just pn a little warm water over your eyes, wipe the lashes and BLAMMO! all the bits are stuck to your finger still perfectly formed to your lashes.

i just dont suggest using it the first time on a night out.

i got loaded and then woke the next morning, jumped in the shower (still half corked.. er.. hungover) and then when i wiped my eyes and saw the 'lashes' there i had a 2 second freak out thinking they all fell out til i realized im just foggy and it is the mascara.