Monday, January 04, 2010

Gift Card dilemma
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! As usual, friends and family were generous beyond words, and there was so much love and warm fuzzies around me all Christmas season, I feel truly blessed. That being said, I was tempted to crush the myth of Santa Clause once or twice because “he” brought the girls the Wii, therefore they hold him in much higher esteem than they hold Jo and I. Oh well.

Family members were a little surprised that Grace is still a believer. It’s pretty standard for an almost 8 year to still believe, right?

On to today’s topic.

I wish my mind were as uncluttered as the girls. They received Gift Cards for Christmas. Each received an Old Navy g.c. and a Chapters g.c. In they marched to Chapters and Grace bought the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series (and read them ALL in a span of 5 days!) and Edie bought a paper-dog-complete-with-fairy-and-princess-costumes that she has been coveting (there was a day when I wondered to myself “Who buys this shit?” Now I know). At Old Navy, Grace bought some fleece stuff (a little affronted that Old Navy does not specialize in velvet) and Edie bought two sparkly tutu-like skirts (natch) in different colours. Done. Gift Cards spent. Onwards and upwards.

Me? I also received gift cards from Michaels (I’m crafty!) and Pier 1 (I oft get mocked at how much Pier 1 I have in my home). I also have a g.c. from LAST year for Holt Renfrew. I have issues with gift cards. I can’t seem to focus and decide what to buy with them. I literally get stressed out trying to decide what to purchase with them. I pick things up, put them down, break out into a sweat and return home empty handed. It’s like I’m scared that I will make the wrong decision. I’m scared new stock will come in and there will be something even better that I should have bought instead. I’m pretty much handing over my Pier 1 card to my brother to pick out some curtains for me. I have an idea as to what to get at Michaels, but the Holt Renfrew one is throwing me for a loop. It’s for $75, so I can either put it towards a nice something and pay a kajillion dollars to make up the difference, or I can buy some real nice beauty product.

There are a lot of beauty products to choose from. Any recommendations?

I hope all my 2010 problems are this tough.


Anonymous said...

Some of those gift cards expire after a while...I'm just sayin'. Other than that I can't help you, I don't think I've ever been in Holt Renfrew. I believe my daughter bought some awesome tights there recently though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Jane here. I have a weak spot for for fancy, over-priced beauty products so I'd be happy to send a few recommendations your way: NARS for make-up, Caudalie for creams, and Bobbi Brown for brushes and applicators. For clothes, you can't go wrong with Theory if you're looking for something to wear to work (esp pants). Since the sales are on now, it's a good time to splurge on something like a Missoni winter scarf. Have fun and don't stress over finding the perfect thing -- just find something you like and think of it as free.

Nat said...

Under legislation, gift cards cannot have an expiry date. (I think it came into effect last year.)

There is an actual name for this stress caused by wanting to save it for something better. There advice was to seize the day and pick up what you want now.

If you are going to hit Holts do it now when all the sales are on. You should be able to find something tres very cool in the $75 range.

Hannah said...

I don't shop at Holt Renfrew, too pricey! But I do like Michaels and also got gift cards for them!
Which games did you get on the Wii? The new Mario Bros. one is pretty fun!:)

girlaboutOtown said...

ok seriously. GO FOR BROKE! When else are you going to have an extra $75 to toss around at Holt Renfrew?!

There is 60% off sale on right now, so skip the beauty counter and head straight to the second floor. Walk in like you own the place and ask for help finding something super nice (you deserve it) that Grace and Edie will want to wear as soon as it fits them. You won't go wrong with a shift dress, a classic jacket or something cashmere.

Not only will you have a good piece with some serious longevity, you'll have a lastly memory & a damn fine story to tell. I say that's a gift that keeps on giving, even if it has to be subsidized!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I never feel like I am a good enough mom to my 20 month old daughter. NEVER. No matter how much I hug or kiss her or play games with her, no matter how wonderfully behaved she is around other people and how nutritionally she eats, I always feel like there is something more I can do. For example, if she is cooped up in the house for a few days because of the cold and because I have no car as a single mom, I feel really guilty, because I could be bringing her somewhere cool, like art exhibits or maybe the mall or or Chuck E. cheese's. I don't feel like we have enough conversations, money, memories, and I never feel like I have a good enough life to give to her. Some days I get really depressed and guilt-obsessed and cry myself to sleep at night.

Are there any other mothers out there like this?
Am I all alone in my thoughts?
Am I right about my assumptions?
How do I know if my daughter will be happy and respect me for all I tried to do for her?? Or will she resent me and think I didn't do enough for her?