Thursday, April 23, 2009

Get a babysitter – we’re gonna need one!

Bluesfest 2009 was announced yesterday, and I’m pretty excited about a few of the acts! And who cares if they don’t fit into the blues category – this is always such an exciting time in Ottawa for us to kick back and have some fun!

-Jeff Beck
-Ben Harper
*-Blue Rodeo
-k.d. Lang
-Los Lonely Boys
***-The Yardbirds
****-Steve Earle
-Stone Temple Pilots
*****-Brian Setzer Orchestra

These are the acts that stand out for me…..there are so many others on the list. Here’s the official line-up. Who are you excited about? Please fill me in on someone who is The Awesome who is not on my list, I hate to miss out! (Keep in mind that Our Lady Peace makes my ears bleed).

*Jo and I met Jim Cuddy at their last performance I Ottawa. It’s so strange meeting a “star” – I had sweet f-all to say. Kind of awkward actually. “umm, hi, nice to meet you….yeah, great show. Okay then…”*crickets*

**I presumed Jo dead after a KISS concert many years ago. We were living in sin, and he didn’t come home the night of the concert. When I woke up the next morning, he still wasn’t home. When I was leaving for work I looked out the window and there was a cop car parked there. I literally took a deep breath, marched outside, braced myself for the news that he was dead/in jail/in the hospital. Turns out the cop just liked the looks of our driveway to park and get his day organized. As for Jo, in his drunken state, he figured it would be better if he didn’t come at all.
We’ll be going to KISS together this year. Hmph.

***Wasn’t Eric Clapton a member of the Yardbirds?

****I’ve really liked this guy for a lonnnnggg time. I remember at the tender age of 17 heading to bar one night by myself to see him. That was an intimidating experience. There I was with my kilt and mary jane’s on while surrounded by what seemed like all the Hells Angels chapters in Ontario. Great show though, added to the ambience, and there were no problems. Wow though. Those guys were tough looking (so were their girls).

*****Love Stray Cats. Love Brian Setzer. This music makes me happy. Have never seen them live. When I was about 14 I painted the Stray Cat logo on the back of a jean jacket – it was super cool. Well, some asshat also really liked it because it went missing after a party one night. I still scan the horizon for that vest – it was that special to me.


mare ad mare said...

Definitely an odd looking list for a bluesfest.

Would be an amazing show - if it were 1985 ;-) I guess then the Stone Temple Pilots wouldn't be there... but no big loss there.

Starting to feel older by the day... I used to love Kiss, but part of me wishes they had flamed out long ago (as well as some of the other old timer bands still going.)

Jay said...

I'm not sure about your list, but I have my own list. And am just as excited about it. Now the trick is to convince my hubby to get some tickets!! The full pass, or just day passes? Other thanthe cost, is a big delimma!

xup said...

I also don't understand why they keep calling this Bluesfest when there is very little "blues" going on. If they're going to have a bluesfest it should take place in intimate little venues with actual blues musicians playing the blues. Otherwise let's just call it a big-assed music festival.

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

we are going to KISS also!!!

between now and then we will exchange numbers and i will text you and we can meet at a beer tent and have naughty mid week beer together.. all non mommy ish.. til we have to go home... oh and wake for work the next day.


Rob said...


I thought you had better taste than that!!!!


Chantal said...

We'll be hitting KISS and Blue Rodeo, but I have yet to find someone to see Estelle with me. Wanna be my date?