Monday, April 06, 2009

Cutest thing I heard this weekend: Edie calling a bird's beak a "Tweak" (makes me think of a robin on crystal meth)

Best discovery: We had a dinner party on Saturday and one of our guests was drinking white wine. I only drink red, but because there was one glass left in the bottle I thought I shouldn't waste it so I drank it. It was soooo good! Why didn't anyone tell me white wine was good? Honestly, I depend on you people for these things!
I hereby designate Fridays for red, Saturdays for white, and ummmm, another day for beer.

File under WTF?:
I weigh 12 pounds less on the doctor's office scale than I do on our home scale. I try not to dwell tooooo much on these numbers, but c'mon, how could I not smile under those circumstances?

Looking forward to: My first opera, next Saturday. One of those one's that are projected at a movie theatre. Going with my mom and dad. I bet 25 years ago when my folks were driving me to punk gigs that they NEVER dreamed we would be going to the opera together. I know it would have never even entered my mind.

Currently eating: baby potatoes drowning in a balsamic, dijon mustard dressing. So f-ing good.

Made me sad: Holding Grace as she cried herself to sleep last night because she misses a good friend. Big heart in that kid. Really big heart prone to breaking.

What bugs me: Parents at the Children's Museum who lecture their kids about culture, persian rugs and sushi instead of just letting them run amok and discover things in their own time with a little gentle guidance (especially to the woman shrieking for everyone to hear "Do you remember eating sushi when you were 1 1/2 Blessedberry? That's S-U-S-H-I, can you spell that? hahahahahah normally she can spell that, why aren't you spelling it sweetie?" (no, Blessedberry wasn't the kids name, but it might well have been). Seriously, the kid must have been 2 years old, tops.
(I actually love the flashcard I posted above - but that doesn't make me annoying as that woman, does it?
To give credit where credit is due, they can be purchased here)

C'est tout, or is that tous? I always forget.


~*Jobthingy*~ said...

tout.... i think.. hmm.. now you have me wondering.

momma blessedberry sounds like a dink.

XUP said...

A chilled glass of Chardonnay on a hot day is gorgeous. Can I also introduce you to Rose? If you get one that's very dry (preferably French), it's also delightful. I'm an all-colour wine drinker - depends on my mood, the weather and even, very rarely, on what I'm eating.

PS: So, this opera is not live performers??

Nat said...

Opera... The Man loves it, me not so much. But we had a fun time at Don Giovanni -- the next one not so much.

Also love Pinot Grigio (I think I spelled it wrong.) They are usually cheap and you can drink bucketfuls. I have two new whites to try, including a Hungarian one.

alison said...

You have to try this one, it's cheap, crisp and lovely: Citra Trebbiano d'Abruzzo. Round $7 per bottle at LCBO, a 1.5 litre for about $12.