Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I have been in the habit of laying out clothes the night before for the girls to wear the next day. Jonas has the morning shift, so he is responsible for getting them dressed, fed and delivered. The past couple of days I have neglected my duties as fashion coordinator, and boy oh boy, when you leave these guys to their own devices, they come up with some pretty interesting combinations. I think I may officially resign as fashion coordinator because it’s worth the giggles of seeing the get ups they come up with. Oh, and by they, I mean Grace and Jonas. Grace dresses herself, and Jonas is responsible for Edie.

Grace, as you can imagine, envelopes herself in as much velvet as physically possible, with no regard to pattern matching or colour coordination. Yesterday found her in a hot pink, white and electric blue pyschedelic velvet top with black velvet pants and a green and pink camouflage sweater on top of it all. My eyes pretty much bled when I saw her.

Edie, well, Jonas decked her out in blue k-way pants and a shirt with a wrench on it (it’s like a rocker shirt with black 3-quarter length sleeves). The pieces de resistence of this outfit were the delicately embroidered Chinese slippers that really made the outfit pop. Oh, and the pony tail on the side of her head à la Chrissy from Three’s Company also added a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole look.

Anna Wintour should pick the Meanie family for the next cover of Vogue.


alison said...

Meanie! I'm sorry. I think I squee'd all over everyone else's blog whom I met on Saturday and somehow forgot yours. I really loved meeting you in person. Adorable may not cover it.

I'm making a mental note to find the photo I took of Rae late this summer in a one-of-a-kind outfit she chose. I imagine it would rival Grace's. And maybe you should let Jonas pick out your outfit for the next Blogger's Breakfast, you know, for laughs. *grin*

raino said...

this is funny. i can relate. when my daughters were young and my husband had to take on some of the responsibility of dressing them, i was thanlful that they were not yet in school. they would have been teased for their choice of clothes and colours for sure. usually he had things on them that were much too small or a sleeper on them under neath a cute little pair of jean over alls.

he is also colour blind to boot!

Nat said...

Oh dear...

the Boy, is just like his father. Very little fashion sense. Luckily he wears a uniform to school. Makes life easier on my optic nerve.

xup said...

I always put out 2 outfits and let my daughter choose the one she liked best for that day. It's good to give them options, but not too many - ha ha. I know a lot of moms who believe that you should let your kids pick their own clothes no matter how crazy they look. I think that's okay for weekends when they're just home, but I think it's good for them to learn how to dress appropriately for wherever they're going, too. Same thing goes for the husbands, by the way

meanie said...

alison: thanks for the squee! would love to see rae's fashion concoction

raino: ha ha, my husband used to cut the feet out of the sleepers if he put one on that had gotten too small. that was always nice to see.

Nat: i may have to look into schools with uniforms. sounds much easier.

xup: yeah, i'm not really into them making their own decisions yet. if edie had her way she's wear a unicorn costume to day-care everyday and grace would just be too flammable.

~Jobthingy~ said...

ROFL! i think you should start a scrapbook of the fashion faux pas' that happen at your place.

then bring it to the next blogger breakfast so we can all giggle.