Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What a town. Did you know that they call it the windy city not for the wind that Mother Nature produces, but rather for the wind that politicians produces? This is but one fact that I absorbed over the course of our three nights/four days in Chicago. Here are a few other things I learned:

-When 6 really good friends get together after not seeing each for a long time, they will indulge in alcohol like a couple of sixteen year olds, right out of the gates. One will puke; one will lose his iphone because bailed on the sidewalk and it fell out of his pocket; one will fall and twist her knee (BADLY); one will drink so much he will be incredibly hung over and function at a negative level the following day.

-When I am away from the kids, and only get five hours sleep, I feel like I have slept 14 hours. I think I slept deeply for the first time in almost 7 years.

-People in Chicago (or maybe the States? I hate to generalize) are fucking loco over football. And home teams are incredibly biased.

-Tail gate parties are fun. People bring barbecues(!), linen, candles, kegs, home baked goodies, sleeping bags, musical instruments, small babies, wine, wings, lots of alchohol, illegal substances, ferrets….I felt like I was on that old show “Let’s Make a Deal” and if I had asked if anyone had a wax miniature of the Eiffel Tower, someone would have pulled it out of their purse. Weird stuff.

-I like Sushi. I really like it. I’ve always been reluctant to try it, but wow, when the right friends bring you to the right restaurant, it is amazing.

-Ottawa should look into the bring your own bottle philosophy. Every restaurant we went to we were able to bring our own and I think enjoyed our meal even more than we would have had we been stressed about the cost of bottles.

-I will never eat Doritos again (see first bullet re. puking).

-Anthropologie is the best store ever,

-Target is also the best store ever.

-Jo and I are too tall for AmericanEagle airplanes. Seriously, these things are made for the 5’5 and under crowd.

The last thing I learned is that I DO love my children. After our little adventure, my heart had grown fonder and I really ached to see the little munchkins again.


alison said...

Sounds like a great trip, puking Doritos notwithstanding. I've never been to a tailgate party, but I hear they're pretty cool.

marymurtz said...

That "Let's Make a Deal" analogy was perfect! LOL!

xup said...

Ha ha - you puked!!! I'm sure it was the Doritos and yes, it's amazing how straight and narrow your kids keep you in your day to day life...which you don't know until you're without them for a while. Sounds like ya'll had fun.

~Jobthingy~ said...

a ferret? wow.. i need to go to a tailgate party and see what i can find. we can compare notes.

doritoes are nasty to begin with

ottawa does have the bring your own bottle thing.. just not everyone has implemented it yet.. over the years its been around. but get this.. perkins has it.. go figure.

bring your phone sat and your list of questions.. i know that sucker like the back of my hand already LOL