Monday, August 07, 2006

The Storm Before the Calm, or, Is it Okay to Not Like Your Own Daughter???

Let me explain. Grace was sooooo bad on Wednesday and Thursday, not just little bit bad, but down right mean. So mean that I felt really bad for the little girl she had over for a play-date. I caught her sticking her tongue out at her, refusing to give her friend the comfy chair when they were playing on the computer and breaking the sacred rule of no swimming in the deep-end without a flotation device. She was downright defiant and mean and I was happy to see her go to bed those nights. I can't say I was a warm and fuzzy Mom those days and it took everything in me not to yell "I don't like you either!" when she yelled it at me first.
Well, mother-guilt kicked in on Friday when Grace turned terribly quiet and vulnerable and had a temperature that eventually rose to 104 degrees. She still insisted on going for her daily swim ("I need to practice everyday if I want to be good Mommy!" and insisted on going to karate, insisted on going to the cottage, insisted on going on a boat-ride and jumping in the lake, all with a fever. Maybe Jo and I are bad parents for letting her do all these things with such a high temperature, but such is the personality of Grace, and you gotta love her spirit. I'm sure she will be an Olympic athlete with this attitude. Me, I automatically curl up on the couch with a blanket and feel sorry myself when I'm sick. Not Grace.

So, some of you know that I work in La Belle Province. Get this, while everyone is enjoying a long weekend this weekend, I have to go to work because QuebecÃc doesn't have the August 4 weekend. Instead, I had to take off St. Jean Baptiste day back in June/July. Quebecers who work in Ontario are given the choice as to which holiday they wish to take, but Ontarioans (sp?) who work in Quebec are not given the choice. Love the freedom to choose on that one.

YouTube video of the day (you WILL laugh if you are a celebrity whore like me:

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