Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm only a little bit pretty
So I'm at my kickboxing class the other morning, and this super-needy 50-ish woman decides that I'm her chosen one and attaches herself to me. When she discovers what street I live on (why oh why did I give her a street name?) she proceeds to ask me if I know "Maria". When I asked her to describe to me what "Maria" looks like, she looks at me quite thoughtfully and says, "Oh, she is quite tall and a little bit prettier than you are". My god, I know it was early in the morning, and I was a little bit hungover, but c'mon, you just don't say that to people!

Had the week off last week, hung out with the girls and Jo, in the pool everyday, soggy 'lil swimmers, soggy wet bathing suits and soggy wet towels left lying around everywhere tend to attract earwigs, fyi. My little dream is coming true though of people just popping in for swims, it's great, I don't to go anywhere or bring Grace anywhere, we have playdates on rotation in our backyard!

Grace is swimming like a pro and is now insulted if we ask her to put on floaties or a lifejacket. Edie has finally found her happy place by the pool: butt-naked on the steps with a little bowl of damp, chlorinated chips all to herself (it does sound kind of nice, doesn't it?)

If anyone knows of anyone who would rent me a parking spot downtown Ottawa three days a week, please let me know. I switch jobs mid-month and don't want to pay through the nose for parking.

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Skupe said...

"a little bit prettier"??? There is no one in the world AT ALL prettier than you, so this woman is clearly in need of 1)an eye exam 2)a kickbox to the head 3)your best pal from Cold Lake to come and whup some serious arse.
love ya special k!!