Sunday, August 20, 2006

Is it wrong to let my kid get this dirty????
I've got to admit, I think I have been abusing the pool a little bit. I have sort of come to the (lazy) conclusion that chlorine is as effective as soap, therefore a day spent in the pool is equivalent to at least 10 baths. I'm not sure how long Grace had gone without a bath at the time of this photo, but when I added Edie to mixture, the water was almost black. The day before this picture, I was thinking to myself how dark Grace's hair was getting.....after the bath her hair lightened up significantly. Oops, my bad. I promise to take the hygiene of the girls a little more seriously (damn, it was so easy....too easy).

I took the plunge the other day and brought Grace and friend Holly to the Ex, they had a blast, and it was pretty fun watching them. You know made me mad though? I took the girls on their first bus ride, and they were so excited. I told the driver when we got on, with a wink and a smile, that it was their first bus ride. I swear, the man GRUNTED at me. Come on, throw the girls a bone, make it a little special for them bus driver! He made me, and the two little girls in my charge feel about a foot tall. The bus driver on the way home on the other hand was a hoot, and made the bus ride more exciting for the girls than any ride at the ex. Takes all kinds, don't it?

The Ex makes me sad, summer is almost over. It also makes me a little excited for cozy sweater and jeans.

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