Monday, June 27, 2011

Let me collect my thoughts....

This post will be a bit of a ramble, bear with me.

So Blog Out Loud Ottawa is coming up, July 7 to be precise, and reading about who will be, well, reading, makes me really want to go. Most of it is just plain old curiosity – what the hell do these people look like who I spend way too much of my time reading? I’m a very visual person and just so damn curious. I’m also in awe of them – I would love to have the cahones to get up and read something from my blog, but I fear my knocking knees would drown out my voice (oh and that I would look up to a sleeping audience). I think it is a fairly competitive process, to be chosen to read, and I don’t want to kid myself that I would be chosen, but it would be great to have that, confidence I guess? To get up there and out yourself on stage.

This brings me to my youngest daughter. Most of the members of my little family are pretty shy – until you get to know us. Jo, Grace and I all have pretty clear comfort zones of what we will do and won’t do in public, in front of strangers. And then there is Edie.

We went downtown for Ribfest on Saturday, with a strict agenda to get us some ribs and get out again, y’know, before the meat sweats kicked in. Well, after we polished off our meaty little treats, the sun came out, so we decided to walk around a bit and take in the glorious, glorious sun (which I’m sure caused the grease to reflect off my face and cause a car accident somewhere). Anyhoooo, we came upon a busker who was just setting up. He was pretty damn funny and engaging so we decided to stick around. Now, usually at these things I like to observe from afar and NEVER make eye contact to protect myself from being called from the audience to assist with something. (I’m a public service facilitator’s worst nightmare – I can’t stand those icebreaker activities and often find myself in the bathroom when they are going on). On this day though, we were front row centre. And he was looking for volunteers. The little hand I had been holding disengaged and shot into the air. Omg omg omg, Edie had violated the Meanie Family Code of Conduct and was voluntarily putting herself in a position to bring on attention! And of course she was chosen by the busker. And in front of a crowd that had swelled to about, oh, 50 or so, Edie assisted the busker with his performance. My heart was racing, scared she was going to burst out in tears at any moment, but she appeared to love every moment, confessing later that she was a little freaked out at one point, but wanted to see what was going to happen next. When it was over, she received a generous round of applause, skipped back over to us and couldn’t have looked more please with herself.

Way to go Edie, I wish I could be more like you.

Oh, and come check out Blog Out Loud Ottawa, it's a pretty cool night. I'll be the one lurking in the back of the room.

WHERE: The Prescott, 379 Preston Street, at Preston and Beech
WHEN: Thursday, July 7, 2011 from 7pm to 10pm
WHO: 20+ bloggers reading their favourite post from the past year; plus several photo bloggers displaying their art
WHO'S INVITED: Anyone who likes to hear good writing.


Lynn said...

Thanks for the shout out meanie, I'll watch for you in the crowd. I hope you'll submit something someday, I think your blog is authentic and snort-worthy hilarious.

Nat said...

I'm completely going to shout out to you... ;-)

Seriously, you should submit... it would be good to hear your words as you do.

petite gourmand said...

I think you should submit too.
If I was in Ottawa I would love to hear you speak.
I'm sure you would be an audience favourite.

karen said...

you guys are super duper nice. thanks for the kind words (though Lynn, at first I read "snot-worthy" and thought wtf???


alison said...

Good for Edie! My kids pendulum between being very front and centre and pick me, and hiding behind me during things like that.

And I thought Lynn said 'snot-worthy' too.

Laura said...

I feel the exact same way! Want me to save you a seat in the back corner at BOLO? :)

Pauline said...

Hope to see you there! :)

Mandy said...

I thought she said 'snot-worthy' too, but I just assumed I had read right...cuz when you laugh really, really hard...

Also I think you should try to read out loud next year. Your blog is worth everyones time and you will be so proud of yourself for stepping out of your comfrot zone.